My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Timlin - “I admire what he does. He's a quality individual and a Hall of Fame pitcher.”
 Mike Timlin - “I probably hit less than 50 percent of my spots. I wasn't good today at all. You've got to accept that. That's part of the game right there. Either you're on or you're off. Today was off. They hit me. They know I throw strikes. Maybe I threw too many.”
 Mike Timlin - “Location was everything and I wasn't in the right location. I probably hit less than 50 percent of my spots. I wasn't very good today, at all.”
 Mike Timlin - “Basically, ... he was back to his own level today. For everybody in this room, it was good to see.”
 Mike Timlin - “It's not season-ending by any means. They can go out and lose tomorrow, we can win the next day, and we'll be right back there.”
 Mike Timlin - “If you look at it, they weren't crushing the ball off the wall. I had a ground ball in the hole, a walk, two jam shots. You take those two jam shots, those are usually outs.”
 Mike Timlin - “He's a young guy who works hard. He's not just scraping by in the ninth inning. He's going out there and dominating hitters and people in the stands want to see that in a ninth-inning guy.”
 Mike Timlin - “It's an opportunity you know is there, ... But you've to take hold of it. That's what we did.”
 Mike Timlin - “It was an opportunity you knew was out there and you wanted to take hold of it. It gave us a little life.”
 Chris Timlin - “I'm excited because it gives me an opportunity to work with supposedly the best senior talent we have in our league. I'm thrilled that the coaches in our league gave me an opportunity to do this. The way my season ended, this has given me something to look forward to.”
 Mike Timlin - “He's learning. He doesn't know the hitters yet. He made a mistake and paid for it. He's going to get guys out more often than not. He's got great stuff.”
 Mike Timlin - “Ninety percent of the time, Edgar is going to turn that over. That's part of the game. I had a chance to pick up his mistake and save a win.”
 Mike Timlin - “I was trying to go fastball down and away. You don't want the guy to hit the ball to left field with power, and he's got some power. Dougie set up down and away. The ball was middle up, and he just tomahawked it.”
 Mike Timlin - “Up the row from him, Mike Timlin simply said, Today was more like him. He made mistakes, ones that we see and I know he sees. ... Last season he didn't make mistakes.”
 Chris Timlin - “They made a good run. We've lost a lot of depth in the last four weeks, so I was proud that we were able to make that run. It's been very hard to end the season the way it did. I know we ended up 14-7, but I have a horrible feeling inside. I'm sick to my stomach.”
 Mike Timlin - “Well, after I talked to U.S. manager Buck Martinez, I've got to be able to make this team first. Like you said, it's a Who's Who. There's quite a few big names there. I may have to really try to work hard to carve out my own spot.”
 Mike Timlin - “It's an ill-timed loss, but what are you going to do”
 Mike Timlin - “It's not any different until we get a significant lead and it becomes different when our magic number is zero. Then it becomes different. Then you can take a deep breath and concentrate on the next step.”
 Chris Timlin - “I would imagine that, No. 1, it will be a pretty nice crowd. That's something the guys are starting to get used to, but I would have to think that the key for us will be the first four to six minutes and how we'll respond to that.”
 Mike Timlin - “I've never been in a bullpen, in my 15 years, that hasn't taken criticism, or been maligned or something. People are going to criticize what you do.”
 Chris Timlin - “I need to get more confidence in my bench players. (Michael Alvarez) is a great set-shooter, but he's still got to work on some of his ball-handling skills, and we're trying to get Ed Thomas and Derek Bond in in crucial spots.”
 Mike Timlin - “It won't really change anything I do. I was just kind of the bridge to the end of the season anyway. But it won't be easy losing a talented relief pitcher like that.”
 Mike Timlin - “he said. ''There's no way I'm going to attempt to do that. But she knew she could. As the saying goes, 'If the body doesn't mind, then the mind can overcome it.'”
 Mike Timlin - “What happened to us happens to every champion. We've seen it in basketball. We've seen it in football. We've seen it in boxing. You see it in every sport. Every champion tends to not necessarily relax, but I think maybe you win and you feel like you can take a deep breath.”
 Mike Timlin - “Maybe I'm not as old as I think I am. It's an accomplishment. It's a nice stat to have.”