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 Sandra Timmerman - “I can especially see this arrangement being of interest to women. With 30 percent widowed in the 65-74 age bracket, they'll be living a long time without a spouse. Instead of moving into a group situation where you might or might not like the other members, you could choose your friends and people who have the same kinds of value systems and interests.”
 Sandra Timmerman - “I think that's a mistake. We need to realize that training will keep these people in the work force doing work we need done.”
 Sandra Timmerman - “You're tying your money together. Here's where I'd definitely want everything spelled out, including what's going to happen if someone in the group develops a chronic illness. Also, people tend to underestimate how long they might live Say you live to be 100. Will you be able to support this style of living that long”
 Sandra Timmerman - “It's a little like the chicken and the egg. Companies seem to acknowledge the problem, but everyone is standing around waiting for someone else to find a solution. It's a little frustrating because that means we may have a crisis before most companies do anything about it.”
 Sandra Timmerman - “The baby boomers are going to be leaving the workplace soon, and they are going to take all their knowledge with them. If you ignore that, you're going to make the problem worse than it has to be.”
 Adam Timmerman - “I think it says a lot about him being unselfish and seeing the talent in Steven himself. It's good timing. Last year Steven could be his understudy. This year he's still around and can still show him some things, but I'm sure Marshall is going to get some work this year. This will make him stronger for longer.”
 Adam Timmerman - “Yeah, I'd say I was surprised.”
 Adam Timmerman - “He seemed like a nice guy, a family guy ... real quick-witted, personable and easygoing.”
 Adam Timmerman - “It's tough to take a loss like that. Physically, it seemed like they outmatched us.”
 Adam Timmerman - “When the flap's up, it's definitely for temperature relief. When it reaches a certain temperature, it comes up.”
 Adam Timmerman - “It's tough to take a loss like that, ... Physically, it seemed like they outmatched us.”
 Adam Timmerman - “I was definitely in too much pain for most of the season and not feeling the way I want to feel. Just to feel good enough to practice and play the game is something I guess I've taken for granted a little bit.”
 Adam Timmerman - “It's very white. Very milk white.”
 Adam Timmerman - “The first time I saw it, it was like a car wreck. I just couldn't take my eyes off of it.”
 Adam Timmerman - “Unless it feels bad. We kind of left the door open, if after a quarter I don't feel good. But otherwise, I'm going to try to go a half.”
 Adam Timmerman - “It helps, just the mixing it up. It's nice when we're pushing them back and running the ball.”
 Adam Timmerman - “Reggie was a great guy to have in the locker room and really meant a lot to us as a team, both on and off the field. He helped me, personally, with my faith, and I looked up to him the whole time. He was too young a man to have this happen to him. I think that anyone who knew Reggie knows that he is in a better place.”
 Adam Timmerman - “That does seem a little bit strange. I guess the old men are still serving it up the way it's supposed to be served up.”
 Adam Timmerman - “It'll come back late in the season, you'll be looking at that game as one you should have won, and shoulda, woulda, coulda, and all that stuff. But you can't do anything about it, so you have to do something about it this week.”
 Adam Timmerman - “Usually when you get field goals and you don't get touchdowns, it comes back to haunt you later in the game. Sure enough, it did. That just shows you that you really have to capitalize when you get that opportunity.”
 Adam Timmerman - “For Week 2, I'm sure it gives you a little something to get going on the game.”
 Adam Timmerman - “It's very reminiscent. With probably more people affected.”
 Adam Timmerman - “I'm sure it'll bring back memories.”
 Adam Timmerman - “When you hear that date, it just can't help but jog your memory. You hear 911, it just makes you think of what happened. Plus, I think we played San Francisco the first game after 911.”
 Adam Timmerman - “I'm looking at it, and it just seemed not real.”

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