My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Tingey - “Any time you're in a holiday situation, you never know what you are going to get from either team, and we were playing in a beautiful but empty arena and it just kind of felt weird all night. But I told them they were doing a nice job of getting the job done, and that's what we're going to take from this.”
 Brad Tingey - “That's a great feeling. We've made some real progress this year and we have another year with him. We've still got another month left in this season to watch him progress. I think he's going to be real good as a senior.”
 Brad Tingey - “First round games, you've got to deal with the nerves. They always seem to be grind it out games, and we feel we've been in enough of those games, it's something we know how to do it, we just knew to play through it.”
 Brad Tingey - “Our focus with the boys was we just needed to defensively contest every shot, and we wanted to make things difficult for them.”
 Brad Tingey - “I was pleased that my kids continued to stand their ground. We knew they were going to make a run, and we just needed to play through it.”
 Brad Tingey - “I definitely think we were a little bit nervous. We just wanted to make sure we got through the first quarter. Things can blow up in your face pretty quick in this gym.”
 Brad Tingey - “This is the best team I have had. I don't know exactly what makes them play so well. There is not really any one thing. It is a lot of intangibles added together that make them go. The biggest key is that there are 14 guys that like basketball and love to play together.”
 Brad Tingey - “He tends to be a zone buster. If he hits a shot or two, people have to start paying attention to him and that opens things up for everyone else.”
 Martha H. Tingey - “Mind you, I'm going into the bedroom now to talk things over with Heavenly Father.”
 Martha H. Tingey - “Each girl is specialone of a kinda child of God, and each must be taught to live his commandments in order to inherit his eternal blessings.”