My Favorite Quotes
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 Lindsey Tippins - “I feel like this will be resolved expeditiously and in the best interest of the citizens of Cobb County.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “I haven't noticed any confusion. I think people understand fully what the implications of each map are.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “You couldn't fragment it any more if you threw a bomb in it. It's wrong to unevenly load different schools.”
 Chris Tippins - “Heather has pitched in every game, coming in relief or starting. She's had her good moments. The key to her success is location.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “The reason for that logic and rationale is that technology costs continue to fall every year, and as a result, you get more buying power.”
 Chris Tippins - “I tell the kids to just go out and play the way you can. Right now, we're not playing up to our capability.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “Six years ago you could not find a technology technician. Now they're a dime a dozen. You've got stability (in teaching) you don't have in other places. Public education is a stable place, and it's one of the things not being mentioned.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “You know, the whole discussion has been turned around.”
 Chris Tippins - “I'm confident in my pitchers. Between pitching, pitch location and defense, we have to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I told all the players if they don't believe in themselves it's going to be a long year.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “I support the premise that you do not make school assignments based on race. My understanding of federal law is that you can't make assignments to school based on skin color. That is the issue. Busing is a necessary operational response to that decision. That's a response to a decision to assign students based on skin color.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “I think they did a good job. The different options reflect what we heard at the first hearing, and it's pretty clear they listened to the concerns that were raised. I've said all along, I think you can draw a map that will satisfy the majority of the people. I think there's room in the high school to do that. Obviously there is.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “You know, that's racist within itself. I mean, what you're saying is that if you're minority, you can't have a good school if you've got minorities, so you view minorities as a liability that you balance around. That is the underlying racist point when you start with that premise and say we have to balance minority numbers and diversity numbers, your premise that you start out with is that minority students are an inferior student and that's where the racist comment and thought pattern comes from.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “From the very beginning, this redistricting has been about racial balance. Should children be assigned to schools based on skin color That decision was made early on in this process.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “He's always the perfect gentleman. He gives you common-sense advice. He came out of business before he went to law school and he is very practical in the advice he gives.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “I think administration has said, 'Well, we got to do that because that's what the policy says.' I don't think that's what the policy says.”
 Lindsey Tippins - “My priority is providing the maximum academic challenge for each student in the district regardless of their ability.”