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 Keith Tkachuk - “I don't know what's going to happen here. I'm not the general manager . . . I'm not the owner. I'm just a player that has to do his job to help his team win and whatever happens, happens. We as players can only control one thing how we perform on the ice. We need more guys worried about that than worried about other things right now. That's probably (why the Blues are in) the situation we're in right now, because people worry about that.”
 Keith Tkachuk - “We've done it before with guys hurt and guys traded. For while there we were consistent and now it seems we're getting away from that. We've got to stop it right now because that was an embarrassing result tonight.”
 Keith Tkachuk - “We had a good talk ... they want to win. I'm just glad I know that I'm going to be in St. Louis next year. Whatever happens after that, happens. But I hope we're in the playoffs. That's my No. 1 concern.”
 Keith Tkachuk - “It's a great cause. It's a little different . . . I'm not used to the color . . . but it's a great cause.”
 Keith Tkachuk - “Oh, thank God, ... Now it's back to business.”
 Keith Tkachuk - “When you lose two guys like that, those are two great friends of mine and you're not happy about it. But you understand that's the business we're in and it gives a lot of these kids an opportunity to go out and show that they belong in the NHL.”

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