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 Kazuo Okamoto - “In the future, the cars you see from Toyota will be 100 percent hybrid.”
 Lou Raffetto - “It has been a two-month process, one in which we learned a great deal about this virus. We hope this knowledge will help us in the future should (future outbreaks) occur. We are relieved to have the situation behind us. I would think this would act as a catalyst to open the borders of the surrounding states, but those decisions will have to be made by the veterinarian in those jurisdictions.”
 Michael Montalto - “People need to go to a professional shoe store, and they don't like to hear that because they know it will be expensive. But these are your feet, and having the proper shoes can save you from a lot of toe and back problems in the future.”
 Larry Sabato - “Why risk his excellent relationship with the current and future junior senator of Nevada to score some points with a few party activists He's being practical. Successful public people are always practical.”
 Ted Donato - “It's disappointing we came out with that kind of game. But I think this team laid the groundwork for future success of the program.”
 Ben Agosto - “Since we've gotten back, a lot of kids have come to the rink. It's really special to feel that we may be helping to inspire future skaters and future champions.”
 Hideaki Kurimoto - “Banks' earnings reaffirmed that Japan's economic fundamentals are strong. Selling by overseas investors may continue for another month or so and that is limiting the gains.”
 Marcelo Porto - “This is more to do with profit-taking at the end of a week of extraordinary gains.”
 Hiroshi Sato - “The market's taking a bit of a rest . . . after recording new highs for the year in the past few sessions. The Nikkei is also finding it hard to sustain gains given the lack of buying in the broader market.”
 Hitoshi Yamamoto - “This market just keeps going and going and people are betting on even further gains. Strength in economic fundamentals is the biggest incentive.”
 Hitoshi Yamamoto - “Technology shares here got a lift from strong gains in the Nasdaq index as many investors here regard this sector as having lagged last year.”
 Andrew DiDonato - “There's been no official offers but I went to a lot of games and talked to a lot of coaches. There's a lot of good situations for me in Division I-AA but I'm still talking to a lot of Division I schools.”
 Richie Adubato - “We have to win our games at home with five of those last seven games on the road, ... We have to beat Indiana and Connecticut in these next two games.”
 Clifford Sargento - “This team wasn't supposed to win all of these games. But we stayed positive and got it done.”
 Fabricio Oberto - “I still haven't seen a tape of that game, only when they've showed highlights in Argentina, and almost everyone starts crying. But it taught us a lot of things for the Olympic games.”
 Carlos Cueto - “There were some games where he just carried us. He did all the dirty work.”
 Carlos Cueto - “But once we lost, we had to focus on the states. We had one last shot. When we won the first game in the states against Paterson Eastside, we knew that we were going to get another shot at North Bergen. You don't get another shot often in life. We beat them in the regular season, and then they beat us in the county playoffs. All three games were wars, decided by a total of eight points.”
 Richie Adubato - “Donna Orender, who took over as president of the WNBA this year from Val Ackerman, challenges Swoopes's observations, noting If anything, the league has more momentum than we've ever had. Our attendance is flat, but we've generated at least 10 new sponsorships in each of our markets and we're holding our own with regards to television. At the end of the day, we will have drawn more than two million fans. ... The key to growth is getting more games on television.”
 Richie Adubato - “We almost had them over there at their place and we got the overtime game here, ... But this one is really big because we're at home and because of our schedule down the stretch. It's absolutely critical that we win these games at home.”
 Jim Kivisto - “We're going to be young this season. We've got talent and potential, but we just need to play some games to see where we're at and learn what we need to do.”
 Jim Kivisto - “We really need to get some games in.”
 Holly Misto - “Kate has been coming along nicely. She has stepped it up the past few games and we've needed her.”
 Jackie Barto - “This weekend we have to compete hard in our games with Minnesota, and go for it. We're on home ice for the next six games and we want to take advantage of that.”
 Richie Adubato - “We've been through a tough situation with these road games against very good teams, but here we are, tied up coming into the final week, ... It should be an exciting last week for the fans and I know our players are looking forward to it.”
 Deanna Minuto - “We just got through a tough part of our schedule as far as the teams we played and the amount of games we played in a certain amount of days.”

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