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 Stephen Tocco - “We say we give free tuition. When people really look at it ... it ain't that much.”
 John Stocco - “Gave me a little kiss. It's just a shot to my head. I'm all right, though. I probably should have slid on that one.”
 John Stocco - “A lot of people didn't expect too much from us after that. You've just got to laugh at how far we've come now.”
 John Stocco - “I thought he did a great job,”
 John Stocco - “I didn't have flashbacks, ... I just knew I was getting down this time.”
 John Stocco - “I think today was a big learning day for us. Being the first day, we want to get used to the drills and everything that we're doing. Offensively, we're not changing a whole lot of what we're doing, but we got a lot of new terminology, and I thought guys handled it well.”
 John Stocco - “We practiced a lot and sometimes it really got long, but today it paid off. I've got a lot of talent around me and I just try to get guys the ball.”
 John Stocco - “He got the guys in and out (of the huddle). He kept the offense moving down the field. I thought he did a really good job for us today.”
 John Stocco - “It's all about developing that trust, so I know that I can take my drop and pitch it and they're coming out of their break and going to get it. It's like anything else, it's getting reps and reps and doing it over and over until it gets...”
 John Stocco - “He's done great things at the University of Wisconsin and we just want to send him off in the right way. He's tried to prepare us like it's any other game, but it is a big deal to the players. We want to thank him for everything he has done for us and the best way for us to do that is to play our best game and leave it on the field.”
 John Stocco - “Part of it is the weather. It's always dreary when we're there.”
 John Stocco - “I don't read the papers anymore. I stopped early last season. I don't need to deal with that. The only opinions I need to worry about are from the guys who are watching me day in and day out.”
 John Stocco - “The past couple of years, we had opportunities to win both games and we just let it get by us. That's something we obviously don't want to do this year.”
 Jim Tocco - “We want to give everyone an opportunity to bid on the jersey they want.”
 Stephen Tocco - “In listening to the marketplace, it's obvious that we need to move more students toward completion. And we need to do it sooner rather than later.”
 John Stocco - “I didn't see it coming at all, to tell you the truth. As far as how everything went last year, everything was normal. He had a lot of other responsibilities, but nothing changed in terms of when he was around, him dealing with us. Nothing changed, so I had no reason to expect this.”
 John Stocco - “Joe pulled around and just absolutely crushed the corner. I felt bad for that guy because Joe is just a monster.”
 John Stocco - “I completely thought we would go down and score. Just a mistake on my part. I was trying to hit Jonathan over the middle, and their guy made a nice play.”
 John Stocco - “The fact we're going to have so many young guys, especially receivers, I want to be right with my reads, even more so this year. I want to put more responsibility on myself to make the right reads and make sure the ball is going in the right place.”
 John Stocco - “But, in past summers, when we'd go 7-on-7, I'd drop back, make a read and throw to one receiver,”
 Jim Tocco - “I've seen him in tons of parks and he does the same thing every time, but never fails to make me laugh. He's a versatile funny man.”
 John Stocco - “I think it's a good step, ... We know what kind of playmakers we have with our receivers and backs. You've got to make teams pay if they want to bring everyone up for the run.”
 John Stocco - “I think it's a good step. We know what kind of playmakers we have with our receivers and backs. You've got to make teams pay if they want to bring everyone up for the run.”
 John Stocco - “Sometimes down in the red zone, he is the guy that I am going to look to because he can make some big plays for us, ... And he just did a great job of getting open and catching the ball when he has the opportunity to.”
 Stephen Tocco - “Housing could make it easier to pursue a degree or at least to advance through the system.”

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