My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Tokarz - “I've always want him to be proud of who he is. I tell him to walk with his head up and his shoulders back. Being 7-feet tall is something to be proud of. You're special.”
 Michael Tokarz - “He gets a lot more one-on-one time in the summer. That's been a big help. But Sean just has to be patient. The payoff may be a few years down the road.”
 Michael Tokarz - “We always knew the kids would be tall. My wife kept track of their growth through the years. But I don't know that we really expected this.”
 Michael Tokarz - “We are excited about entering the luxury automobile segment in the rapidly growing Latvian market as we have experienced 86 growth in cars sold in our existing business last year. It is an honor to represent BMW, one of the leading luxury automotive brands in the world. We believe that by combining the execution capabilities of BM Auto and Baltic Motors' management with the recognized BMW brand, BM Auto is well positioned to capitalize on the Latvian automotive market.”