My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Tollin - “He's at a place where he's more honest, reflective and self-effacing.”
 Mike Tollin - “We're gathering headlines, video, audio and lining up interviews. I told Barry that with these allegations and the general negativity in the media, I had to show both sides. I have to, or else I should go home.”
 Mike Tollin - “He is open to me presenting his whole story. I'm eager to put it out there and let people make a judgment. My job is to present a fair, objective, thorough portrait.”
 Mike Tollin - “I spent a lot of time with Barry discussing his motivation, why he'd want to do the show. We had to make sure our vision was compatible, that I would have the opportunity as a filmmaker to have creative controls and be autonomous.”
 Mike Tollin - “We're shifting slightly to align the content with people's expectations.”
 Mike Tollin - “We don't make reality shows. We aren't interested in doing reality shows. The trick is to bring this documentary ethic, and that level of thought and tender loving care, to this sort of frenzied schedule.”