My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Arlis - “Just look at Kevin -- he's a horse. He's a horse and he gets after it.”
 Tom Arlis - “It's easier to stay on top when you're a team that's there and established. It's hard to break through and have that respect. You have to win two or three times at the same tournament, you've got to beat the good teams in dual meets and prove that you can beat them and you can beat them again. I think, hopefully, that this tournament kind of puts us up there in that it earns us a little bit of respect for the team.”
 Tom Arlis - “It doesn't really matter what place you are. I think he'll look back on this, when he's not so upset, and he'll walk away with some good memories.”
 Tom Arlis - “He saw in the paper where I said some of our kids with better records were the top threats to win titles for us and he was upset I didn't mention his name. He said, 'You don't think I can win this tournament I'm gonna prove you wrong.' I said, 'I hope you do prove me wrong.' And he did.”
 Tom Arlis - “We are a really balanced team. I'm very impressed and I thought we either met or exceeded all of our goals this year. We have a number of seniors in the lineup, more than we've ever had, and that's a maturity factor which helped us do well this year. Plus, we have a lot of younger guys so the future's bright with them waiting in the wings. We're all excited about it and this is the first time we've ever qualified for the team championship.”
 Tom Arlis - “We couldn't get a first (-place finish) and that always hurts, but Kevin and Jon wrestled well up to the finals and they lost to some quality competition. Those kids are tough, though, and the good news is they'll be on the other side of the bracket when we get downstate. I thought Greg wrestled really well, but as a team in general, we were a little flat.”
 Tom Arlis - “They genuinely don't like each other -- they're both very competitive and they're both very physical. They flared up a little bit, and the ref had to step in and calm them down. They were getting after it.”
 Tom Arlis - “Those two guys did the same thing in the dual. They genuinely don't like each other. They're both very competitive, both physical guys and they both like to set the tone and intimidate. Well, neither one wants to be intimidated so what happens is they flare up like that and the ref has to step in and calm them down like he did. ... The crowd was into it.”