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 Tom Renney - “Mission important and possible. It's a race to four games and they've only got three. As far as I'm concerned, we can certainly do that.”
 Tom Renney - “We'll take it, you'd better believe it. We haven't had too many games that bark. This one was a big dog.”
 Tom Renney - “It's 82 games. Sometimes it might not click as quickly or as well as you want it to, or sometimes not at all. For our team, we've clicked more than we haven't . . .”
 Tom Renney - “We've got to get back to good habits of how we start our games ... how we manage the circumstances in those first six, eight, 10 minutes. We have to try to dictate the terms.”
 Tom Renney - “Even if we were playing Ottawa, we need a good start. We need good starts. We need to get back to good habits about how we start our games. How we manage the puck, how we manage the ice those first six, eight, 10 minutes is important. And we have to dictate the terms.”
 Tom Renney - “I don't think I have to say much to the team, to be honest. These guys are pretty good at that. They realize the magnitude of most games. Occasionally they need some help, but they'll be prepared to go. It's going to have to be an A-plus game for us to beat them.”
 Tom Renney - “I learned a highly valuable lesson in Vancouver about European players. You have to give your stars . . . the latitude to do extraordinary things.”
 Tom Renney - “You try to generate some things that might be able to give you a push, I'm not sure we got it to the degree that we hoped to. Then again, we lost, so I guess that speaks volumes.”
 Tom Renney - “The bottom line is we cannot give New Jersey anything and we have to try and manufacture something.”
 Tom Renney - “We were sloppy, but we didn't give up. I'm proud of that.”
 Tom Renney - “We're sort of playing a hunch as much as anything. He's played New Jersey well, and our last good game of hockey was here against them with Kevin in goal, so I don't think that is unreasonable at all.”
 Tom Renney - “Henrik doesn't seem to be in awe of any opponent. If I know Hitch, they'll be ready. It's a good test for us. I hope they throw the kitchen sink at us and that we're able to respond to it.”
 Tom Renney - “We hung in with them. That's not good enough. We don't want to 'hang in' with anybody. We want to win.”
 Tom Renney - “It was a good goaltender battle. Both goalies made exceptional saves.”
 Tom Renney - “Whether it means Wednesday or Saturday, I'm not sure. He feels good that it's improving. If he feels good, so do we.”
 Tom Renney - “He has a pretty good history there.”
 Tom Renney - “It's a game to build on. Maybe the first one was, too, but we were in a hole. In terms of execution, it was some minor things, but it was pretty good.”
 Tom Renney - “It (this season) is a good springboard here, but it doesn't mean we'll have the same success -- it doesn't mean we'll have the same team. We could be younger, quite honestly.”
 Tom Renney - “We lost, so we're not as good. The game could've gone any way at the end but the more experienced team prevailed.”
 Tom Renney - “The most important thing to us is our mental health. In that respect, we are ready to go.”
 Tom Renney - “That's the best version of 'Sweet Caroline' I've ever heard in a hockey rink.”
 Tom Renney - “We had to battle through some unimpressive hockey by us. Our game seemed to deteriorate because of our specialty teams.”
 Tom Renney - “We haven't played our best hockey the last few weeks. We have to be much better on Saturday if we are to prolong this thing.”
 Tom Renney - “We haven't played our best hockey the last couple weeks. Let's not kid ourselves.”
 Tom Renney - “We really can't afford to look past the next 20 minutes of hockey. There are some neat things building between the Devils and ourselves and we're happy about that for everybody concerned.”

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