My Favorite Quotes
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 Clyde Tombaugh - “It was depressing, very depressing. I worried about how I would make a living. I didn't want to stay on the farm. It didn't offer the challenge I wanted and yet, without a college education, I felt that I was really out of luck.”
 Clyde Tombaugh - “I realized that I would have some very tough sledding, and I was very discouraged because I didn't see much hope of getting into the field I wanted to get into with no college education.”
 Clyde Tombaugh - “Unfortunately, a lot of the concepts in the Bible are based on ancient mythology that doesn't fit the findings of science.”
 Clyde Tombaugh - “They would get books on astronomy out of the city library for me. They would allow me stay up late at night to look at things in the sky.”
 Clyde Tombaugh - “I think there's a supreme power behind the whole thing, an intelligence. Look at all of the instincts of nature, both animals and plants, the very ingenious ways they survive. If you cut yourself, you don't have to think about it.”
 Clyde Tombaugh - “I was always looking ahead. I used to do all kinds of things for entertainment. When I was young, we had no radio, no TV. We were 30 miles from the public library, out in the sticks in Western Kansas, and so I'd do arithmetic exercises.”

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