My Favorite Quotes
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 Tommy Aldridge - “We started four sophomores that year and we played in a national tournament in Tennessee. When we went into the lobby where the teams were, it looked like a lobby of WNBA players. We split our games in Tennessee (going 2-2) and I was proud of that. We went 22-12 and won the district championship.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “We were making shots in the second and third. We had good looks in the fourth. We just weren't making them.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “We had girls that could dribble with both hands. That's both hands dribbling the ball at the same time.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “Lee doesn't really have a go-to player now. They might have a hard time matching up. They'll probably have to spread their scoring around.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “I think we feel like we can beat Rockwall now and we have the capability. I think the last time, some players on our team didn't understand their roles, but they have responded well since then.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “Joe Paterno said he wanted to win with a number 80 on. I'm chasing Joe Paterno.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “I really don't like the time off and I think we have a chance at a neutral site. The second-place team could get Dallas Skyline in the playoffs, and that would be tough.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “They'll play five players on the perimeter. I don't know how much they can help us.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “It all starts with defense. The way this team turned it around from going 4-8 in district last year, I am as proud as any team I have coached.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “This had a feeling similar to the Mesquite game, especially to be able to pull this out after losing the heartbreaker on Wednesday. We didn't shoot well, but we played good defense. I think our defense will sustain us.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “I would like to see a shot clock in high school basketball. I know it would be hard financially for small schools, but I think they can do it in (Class) 4A and 5A schools. If they can afford artificial turf, they can afford a shot clock.”
 Tommy Aldridge - “This team has worked hard and has battled through adversity . They deserve to make the playoffs.”