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 David Toms - “I have an issue with my heart, but it won't be a life-threatening situation. I am staying overnight in the hospital to get some further evaluation and tests done. The doctors will then give me some options on how to treat this issue.”
 David Toms - “I don't know if you give the best player in the world any extra incentive to want to beat you.”
 David Toms - “As far as a guy leaving town with a million bucks, he's still going to pay some taxes to go to the city, so it will be good. It's going to economically bring some dollars in that they would not otherwise have if we would have pulled the plug on the golf tournament. So I think it's a very, very important week.”
 David Toms - “He's one of those special guys who doesn't come along very often. He's more driven and more focused than any person I've ever been around in professional golf.”
 David Toms - “Obviously, I'm fond of it. It's a great golf course, and I've had success playing it.”
 David Toms - “There's so much that goes into it other than playing the golf course.”
 David Toms - “I'm just trying to get it to where I can hit good golf shots.”
 David Toms - “I really don't see it being an issue at all, unless for some reason I have an incident this week on the golf course,”
 David Toms - “I really don't see it being an issue, unless for some reason I have an incident this week on the golf course, or off the golf course, ... I certainly hope that doesn't happen.”
 David Toms - “Exactly, ... I really don't see it being an issue at all, unless for some reason I have an incident this week on the golf course, or off the golf course. I certainly hope that that doesn't happen.”
 David Toms - “They're going to play the golf course a different way than I'm going to play the golf course. I've got to be able to post something in front of them every day and see if it's good enough.”
 David Toms - “I could have separated myself (from the field). It would have been nice, but that's OK. I'm in good position.”
 David Toms - “his heart rate went way up.”
 David Toms - “Obviously this is a special event for me, as it is my home state and I'm a former champion. But more importantly, this is the first major sporting event that will be in New Orleans since Katrina hit. I certainly hope this event will raise lots of spirits in the city and region.”
 Ronnie Bottoms - “We ran into a team that was more athletic and better prepared. They were a team that is more experienced in the atmosphere that we played in. The press hurt us.”
 David Toms - “Without immediate action in Newfoundland and Labrador ... we can expect supply shortages.”
 Timothy Bottoms - “We all remember where we were and we all remember what we were doing. I had a brother in New York, an uncle, lots of friends in New York. It made me angry, it made me sad what could I do.”
 Timothy Bottoms - “I was driven to give the best possible performance I could based on the material that was given to me and that material was documentary footage of the President speaking to people.”
 Timothy Bottoms - “Every night I'd come home to try and rest, turn on the tube, and there was George Bush leading the charge into Iraq, so I was inundated with him.”
 Timothy Bottoms - “Even though I was concentrating on that two-week period from September 11th to September 20th, I was seeing the policy for real, happening, that we were talking about in the film.”
 Timothy Bottoms - “A lot of feature films do two pages a day.”
 David Toms - “The more I thought about it there was too much uncertainty and thought it was better that I disqualified myself. I was probably the only one able to do that.”
 David Toms - “You know, he was one of the best junior players of all time.”
 David Toms - “The course is playing a lot shorter than the last time we were here,”
 David Toms - “I putted well. I capitalized on every time I hit a good shot, just about.”

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