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 Tony Russa - “I always say you don't just win with homers. You need a bunt, you need a hit-and-run, you need a steal. Those are the little things that helped us out to win 105 games last year and those are the things that are helping us out this year to win some games.”
 Tony Russa - “It's a really neat and special coincidence, but it's nothing but a coincidence. This wasn't set up to give Matt that honor. It's just the way it worked out. It's a neat extra.”
 Tony Russa - “Give it a couple days. Maybe longer if his infection isn't gone. We feel for him. We need him.”
 Tony Russa - “I don't think he wants to give the idea that he was sitting there waiting to get somebody's job,”
 Tony Russa - “He's anxious, he's straining to get out there, and we think if he gets out there he's going to go backwards and hurt himself. We're just trying to give him a little more work and see how he responds.”
 Tony Russa - “The arm, I don't think it's the most important part of a catcher when it comes to the Gold Glove. It's definitely a factor, but it's calling a game, receiving, blocking balls.”
 Tony Russa - “He's been so clutch against good pitching, really good pitching.”
 Tony Russa - “somebody good enough to get the outs in the seventh and eighth innings. We had Gene Nelson and Rick Honeycutt.”
 Tony Russa - “He's pitched with so much intensity and so much pressure for so long that when the pressure's not there, he lost a little edge, ... He had good stuff his last two starts, but his location was off.”
 Tony Russa - “I think they're starting to feel good about how they're throwing. We've shown the kind of depth that can pay off for us.”
 Tony Russa - “Since he's been a Cardinal, he has been outstanding to great. And last year, he was just good. I imagine he enjoys outstanding to great. But he was a good player for us last year. And if he's motivated to be better than good, that's good for us.”
 Tony Russa - “Hes had another great year, the ERA stands for itself, ... I would never say anything to take away from Rogers year, but I think Chris has got everything working for him. ... His level of outstanding work is just getting better and better and better. He started good, and hes gone to great.”
 Tony Russa - “When Suppan throws that many pitches, he doesn't feel like he's got good location,”
 Tony Russa - “He is playing so good in every facet of the game. He's hitting fourth, and that's because nothing bothers him. He just plays. He's been as important as anybody we have he's had an outstanding year.”
 Tony Russa - “My point was (Saturday) that amidst all the runs, both of the guys did a lot of good things. (Sunday), Wainwright pitched well, but he made a couple mistakes that he got away with.”
 Tony Russa - “It's been a great story all year long, how we've been able to compensate for some really important pieces that have not been available, ... He's an important piece and we're still hanging in there.”
 Tony Russa - “One thing about him, when he struggles, he's very honest with himself. He's been working on it, working on it, and at some point, something clicks.”
 Tony Russa - “He's sore, got some sore areas. The idea is not to push him. We'll see how he feels. If he needs (rest), he gets it.”
 Tony Russa - “He's really got a short fuse. And when he doesn't do well, he gets angry. It's something he'll learn, I think, to be a little bit better about.”
 Tony Russa - “He's anxious to get out there, but I think if he gets out there he could go backward. We'll just keep moving forward until he gets the green light. If he's cleared to play, he'll play.”
 Tony Russa - “I don't think the pitch to Ensberg was all that bad. I didn't see the replay. He had good enough stuff. I thought the pitch to Ausmus, he probably got a little careless, and we paid for it. He retired six guys. He had good enough stuff to do it, he just didn't get it done.”
 Tony Russa - “I called up to the press box, because for a while I didn't see anybody there. I thought somebody was having a cookout, but we don't allow that, do we”
 Tony Russa - “Someone told me a long time ago a good test in situations like this, ... You ask the guy, 'If this was your free agent year, when could you play'”
 Tony Russa - “Every time we play him in the last two-three innings of a game, we're pushing him. It wouldn't be a bad idea for him not to play nine too often.”
 Tony Russa - “Ever since he's put on the 'birds on the bat uniform,' that's how he's played. He's such a tough and really good player. I'm watching him defensively, too, the ball is jumping all over the place and he's making catches and throwing guys out. He cranks out tough at-bats every time he goes out there. He's just a really good player.”

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