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 Jeffrey Toobin - “There is no legal requirement of any public disclosure of a justice's health. And justices are very cagey and very limited in what they disclose.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “One of the toughest issues here is how much you disclose about the character and history of the accuser in the Bryant case. At some level, it's relevant to her credibility, which is an important issue in the case. But there are also boundaries of fairness and good taste that need to be considered.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “One idea, move the New Orleans courts wholesale to another city, even another state.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “The point is that the judge is determined to keep this thing moving, and he's getting rid of jurors who are impediments.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “This was a total rout. The story she told investigators after she made the stock trade simply didn't add up.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “He's got to let passions cool, a year at least until this trial goes forward,”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “I think there may be a sense among some people that 30 to 40 years is too long.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “It sure seemed like he was the only person with the opportunity, the motive and the means to kill Bakley.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “This will be an investigation of some complexity given the sheer number of crimes that he's likely to be charged with. So this is a process that's only going to get started today and probably will last several months.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “Michael Jackson is one of the dozen best-known people in the world, and he is facing extremely serious criminal charges. That is a very big news story.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “The big criminal case has become a staple of cable news. It is part of the core mission of cable news networks print media have a much more flexible approach.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “The experience of O.J. convinced (news) management that there is tremendous interest in high-profile legal cases,”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “Bush recognizes that this is one of the most important days of his presidency and that he will make this nominee every bit as central to his legacy as (the) war in Iraq, Social Security reform and everything else that is at the heart of what he has done. His message is This matters more than anything.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “Cheney has an unusual demeanor for a politician, ... He is low-key in a really profound way. I counted two sentences about domestic policy and about 40 minutes about terror and Iraq. That's a bet that the public shares those priorities. I don't know if it's right or not.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “Benedict showed Skakel lied about facts and placed himself in places that were incriminating ... I think that's what turned the tide.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “It's incredibly important, ... Data such as e-mail has become indispensable, particularly in the prosecution of white-collar crime.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “This Supreme Court nominee presents extraordinary circumstances, requiring a filibuster.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “What the court has decided now is that 'we are the sole and exclusive arbiter of what needs to be disclosed.' That rule seems somewhat extreme.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “I don't think even conservatives believe the court is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “It's a great time to be studying the court.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “Elections have consequences, and one of them is the winners get to pick the justices.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “The only reason we will care about O.J. Simpson, ... is what it told us about race in this country.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “The only reason that we will care about O. J. Simpson 10 years after, 20 years after, is what it told us about race in this country.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “The only reason that we will care about O.J. Simpson 10 years after, 20 years after, is what it told us about race in this country.”
 Jeffrey Toobin - “Starting Monday, we're going to see this campaign at a new level of negativity and hostility and combat that will make the summer look like a student council election.”

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