My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Toohey - “We think what we're doing here will have more of impact of Maggie Valley than whatever happens at Ghost Town.”
 Ryan Toohey - “He has a long history of independence and who he receives money from has nothing to do with his position on issues.”
 Bill Toohey - “This is the first shot fired inside the house. Before, all the shots have been fired outside the house. We don't know what happened.”
 Mike Toohey - “We're making a substantial investment into the town of Maggie Valley.”
 Bill Toohey - “Our strategy with someone like this is ... surround and talk. And we will talk for a long time.”
 Bill Toohey - “We're asking drivers along that area to watch out for anything that seems unusual.”
 Ryan Toohey - “For seven years now, from Wall Street to public corruption to big drug companies, no one in this state has done more to stand up to special interests and the status quo than Eliot Spitzer.”
 Bill Toohey - “Our main strategy is patience, patience, patience.”
 Mike Toohey - “Building a community of this size and scale is best served far and away by city water and sewer services. People moving into a second home want those services they want a maintenance free home and don't want to have to pump out a septic tank.”
 Mike Toohey - “We are trying to appeal to a broader market with a wide range of products. We've seen people really crave a sense of community, and that's what we're trying to create here.”
 Ryan Toohey - “Eliot Spitzer and his campaign are not giving orders to Joe Bruno and to suggest we are is completely laughable.”
 Ryan Toohey - “Eliot's campaign is about bringing sweeping reform to state government.”
 Ryan Toohey - “We continue to see great support for the attorney general all around the state from a variety of donors, and we feel this positions him to run the kind of issues-based, energetic campaign we've planned on.”
 Ryan Toohey - “The numbers are very encouraging and put us in very good shape to run the kind of issues-oriented, highly energized campaign that we've planned on.”
 Ryan Toohey - “The attorney general's excited about a campaign that's grounded in issues and focuses on his vision, his record of reform and his plan to transform New York into a state government that works on behalf of the people to solve important issues.”
 Ryan Toohey - “This state taxes too much, spends unwisely, lacks accountability and is simply not focused on enhancing economic opportunities for all its citizens. Eliot is speaking to these and other issues with passion and vigor. That's why people across the state have been eager to express their support for his campaign.”
 Ryan Toohey - “The business community around the state has always been supportive of Eliot, and they are excited about the prospect of him as the next governor.”
 Ryan Toohey - “The support of business people, to which he refers, is something that we at the campaign pride ourselves on and we welcome his endorsement.”
 Ryan Toohey - “If Patrick Manning wants to run a campaign that takes the side of corporate interests who defrauded regular New Yorkers, that's fine with us. Any time Patrick Manning wants to come over to Eliot Spitzer's house in Columbia County for breakfast, he's more than welcome.”
 Bill Toohey - “I think we can relax a little bit. This was everyone's concern, that there were heavy metals in the blood of these dogs. But they haven't found any of these heavy metals.”
 Bill Toohey - “They pulled over to the side of the road. The argument became physical.”
 Bill Toohey - “They got into an argument. They pulled over on the side of the road, on the ramp, and the argument became physical.”
 Bill Toohey - “There's all sorts of unknowns at the moment on this. We're just waiting for when we get medical tests on the animals and scientific results on the facility before we can say anything meaningful about it.”
 Ryan Toohey - “Eliot is not in favor of this revision to the penal code. When David agreed to be Eliot's running mate, we knew they wouldn't be in lockstep agreement with each other. That's part of how good relationships work.”