My Favorite Quotes
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 Monica Tooley - “Usually corners are sure goals for us. We probably score on one out of three.”
 Mark Tooley - “I have never heard in recent history of several hundred churches leaving in one swoop. It serves as a threatening reminder to other mainline denominations of what can happen to them. Perhaps it will caution Methodists and Lutherans and Presbyterians.”
 Monica Tooley - “We had some good individual play but we did not play well as a team.”
 Bart Tooley - “We knew our defense would be a strong point but I don't know if we thought they would play that well. We have so many kids back who have been through so much. They have the experience to recognize what's going on and anticipate the play.”
 Monica Tooley - “We got some people some playing time that they don't usually see. There was no JV game so I brought a couple of those kids up for the game.”
 Monica Tooley - “Today and Wednesday are big tests. Coming off these two games we'll know where we stand.”
 Monica Tooley - “We really had a strong team effort. The effort was great the entire time. ... We fixed a lot of things today.”
 Monica Tooley - “We were moving the ball with a purpose today. Against Mt. Markham we were rushing things, just trying to force it in there. Today we were focused on getting where we wanted to go, not going where the defense wanted us to go.”
 Bart Tooley - “I'm very pleased. I don't remember when we have come out the first week and looked as sharp as we did today.”
 Mark Tooley - “Unfortunately, for at least the last 40 years, the World Council - rather than focusing on Christian evangelism and unity - has instead turned very sharply to the theological left and focuses on radical liberation theologies that very often tend to be very anti-Western and anti-American.”
 Bart Tooley - “This is one you circle on the calendar. And when you know that you're going to be playing them early in the year, you're going to know right away how good you are. Dolgeville's the litmus test. When Dolgeville's on your schedule, people always want to know how you did against Dolgeville.”
 Mark Tooley - “I think it's inappropriate to use a children's event to make a political statement.”
 Bart Tooley - “I am happy with the effort and with the result, but not with the execution. We made more than our share of mistakes. We challenged the guys to come out and play well on the heels of last week's win and they did. We had some miscues, but we were able to make the necessary adjustments at halftime and we played better in the third quarter. That is the good thing about this team, we have a lot of veteran players who can come back to the sideline and tell us what is going on out there so we can make the proper adjustments. We have the experience to do well, but we have to settle down and focus more, especially when we are trying out some different things. It was a good effort.”
 Bart Tooley - “They gave us a lot of different looks and spread us out. The no-huddle offense that they opened the game up with did not bother us all that much because we run a little no-huddle offense ourselves, I think it was just more of a case that they were ready to go at the start of the game. They had a good game plan and took advantage of some early mistakes.”
 Bart Tooley - “Brandon Dunn is a tremendous athlete and their entire team should be proud of the way they played. They played us tough and I give them a lot of credit because we were not able to do some of the things that we wanted to do.”
 Mark Tooley - “Most absurdly in the program, the Aidan Quinn character is portrayed as a courageous priest challenging a conservative church hierarchy. In real life, the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut has a liberal bishop who is cracking down on dissenting conservative priests. The national Episcopal hierarchy is overwhelmingly liberal, and orthodox Episcopalians are increasingly looking to overseas Anglican primates for leadership and protection.”
 Mark Tooley - “Those on the liberal side who want to change the sexual standards feel like they're persecuted by the church -- and now, those on the conservative side feel likewise.”
 Bart Tooley - “I give West Canada Valley a lot of credit. They did some things on defense that took us out of what we wanted to do offensively. They came out and played with intensity and by the end of the first quarter we knew we were in a game.”
 Bart Tooley - “We will definitely know where we stand after Saturday. This will be the test. We're coming off a good game against West Canada. (The Indians) gave us some different looks and made us make some adjustments and the kids responded real well. I expect the same thing will happen this week.”
 Mark Tooley - “Book of Daniel perhaps failed because it showed an elite world of liberal religion with which most Americans cannot relate. Like much of the Episcopal hierarchy today, it was preoccupied more with the aberrant than with the enduring norms for human behavior. And like the declining Episcopal Church as a whole, it turned out to be a failure.”
 Bart Tooley - “They have the ability to throw the ball and they've got a talented corps of receivers. That's a little different than the traditional Dolgeville team. They have speed and quickness and that big-play threat, and they're not a one-man show, either.”
 Bart Tooley - “What concerns me is Dolgeville's ability to match up skill position against skill position and their ability to put nine guys in the box to stop the run. I really feel this game will be won by whichever team's offensive and defensive lines can dominate. Last year, that's why we were able to win the game.”