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 Charlie Toomer - “We were their special guest for recruitment weekend. Although it wasn't at our school, we got lots of good publicity for the choir.”
 Amani Toomer - “the best wide receiver in Giants history.”
 Amani Toomer - “This is practice. We don't want anyone to get hurt.”
 Amani Toomer - “Oh, ho, ho, ho. I've seen Kerry when he's hot, and he's a tough guy to stop. I think he was very hurt when all that happened. He was pretty upset. He really enjoyed being in New York, and he misses New York.”
 Amani Toomer - “He's gotten me with a few cheap shots. His hits tend to be either late or borderline shots.”
 Amani Toomer - “I've always thought this year would be his year. And after what happened last week, we definitely needed to come up with a big game at home.”
 Amani Toomer - “It's hard to get upset, hard to get frustrated, when your whole team is happy and you're putting up the most points that our team has put up in a long time, ... You just have to take a step back sometimes and appreciate the situation, because wins are hard to come by in this league.”
 Amani Toomer - “Eli took a huge step forward today, ... I always thought this year would be his year to really step out.”
 Amani Toomer - “I can't understand that. I mean we are playing for a championship. I just can't understand that.”
 Amani Toomer - “If I was a psychologist, I could tell you. We didn't match their intensity ... I just can't understand that.”
 Amani Toomer - “For us to lose the division, it would be almost a waste. We had it. We have it. We've been in the lead of the division for so long, we might as well keep it. Why give it away at the last week”
 Amani Toomer - “They're playing well together, that's the biggest thing. Offensive line is less about the man-to-man match-ups and more about how the different layers work with each other to stop the defensive line as a group.”
 Amani Toomer - “I think the fact that he had time in the preseason and mini-camps is going to help him a lot in his comeback. This is going to give the other quarterbacks an opportunity to step forward and see who's going to be the backup.”
 Amani Toomer - “When I joined the Giants I wore No. 89 and had it for a couple of years. But I didn't like it. I didn't feel comfortable in it and I wanted to get out of it. You get a number that you feel comfortable with and it's like a good pair of shoes.”
 Amani Toomer - “It's a mystery to everybody.”
 Amani Toomer - “I think he was pretty upset. I think that he really enjoyed being in New York and really enjoyed this team and this group of guys. I don't know what it's like anywhere else, but I think he misses us and a lot of guys in this locker room miss him.”
 Amani Toomer - “3. Roy Williams, strong safety, Cowboys This two-time Pro Bowler will be more of a terror because he's returning to his natural position after playing free safety last season. He's at his best when he's in the box, where he can support against the run and blitz. He's not great in coverage but opponents say that doesn't matter. He likes intimidating opponents with his physical presence, even if he crosses the line. He's gotten me with a few cheap shots, ... His hits tend to be either late or borderline shots.”
 Charlie Toomer - “I always make it a point to teach them to know what they are singing, its purpose, composers, and historical background on the period it was written.”
 Amani Toomer - “He's given the entire receiving corps an opportunity to make plays. I can't explain what happened last year. I don't want to even try to explain it. But we're playing well and it's exciting to know again that if you get open you might even get the ball in a spot that you can do something with it.”
 Amani Toomer - “It's related to Eli and the time the line has given him to make plays,”
 Amani Toomer - “I wish Kurt luck every week but this one.”
 Amani Toomer - “To get a win we've got to play good. And we really didn't play that well at all.”
 Amani Toomer - “I don't want to get into my emotions. Eli just threw a great ball and gave me an opportunity to make a play in it. It was just a fade pattern. The ball was in such a good spot. And I made a play.”
 Amani Toomer - “I still consider myself a contributor, a big contributor, ... But I don't know how it's going to play out once the regular season begins.”
 Amani Toomer - “Everybody was talking about how tough it is to play in Kansas City. Yet we came onto the field and everyone was so supportive. It was strange to get that kind of greeting in another team's stadium. Everyone was so sympathetic.”

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