My Favorite Quotes
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 David Altopp - “Oh my goodness. They showed a lot of heart.”
 Chad Topp - “There are reasons we should have gone over there, and there are reasons we shouldn't have gone over there, but I hope everyone still supports the troops.”
 Kathy Topp - “We really didn't hear too much from him. At first, that worried me. I thought he might have died. Every once in a while, we'd hear kind of a cry. Like a pitiful cry.”
 David Altopp - “I thought he had a chance to score. But DePew made a play that no coach can teach. He did it strictly on instinct.”
 David Altopp - “It was great to have B.J. back. We certainly hope we can have him back at full strength by tournament time. If so, I really like our chances.”
 Chad Topp - “He's telling me what's really going on. The media has gotten a lot right, but there's a lot we know that reporters can't know.”
 David Altopp - “I never expected this type of game in a mid-week contest with Cumberland. Trent pitched an outstanding game and I just hate to see him lose with this type of effort. I don't know if this defeat will help or hurt going into our Southern States Athletic Conference series with Reinhardt this weekend.”
 Chad Topp - “I want to stop the front lines from being over here. I would rather keep the terrorists over there instead of having our citizens being in danger here.”
 Kathy Topp - “I had no choice but to put this big, fat cat in a car and drive him across the country.”