My Favorite Quotes
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 Adam Topper - “The idea of bringing that title home for Florida State is amazing.”
 Adam Topper - “Sean is going to be a very exciting runner to watch this fall.”
 Adam Topper - “Times were a little faster this year, however, so I wasn't too disappointed that the boys didn't take all of the top five spots. We ran a very patient race... it was really more of a warm-up for us.”
 Adam Topper - “Katrina is new to the program this year, and I was very impressed with how well she ran in her first meet.”
 Adam Topper - “She's tough, smart, and has a strong desire to make the varsity team in her final season.”
 Adam Topper - “It was a great race for Emma. She looked very strong the entire race. I was a little worried she was going out too fast, but she was able to maintain fairly well and win comfortably.”