My Favorite Quotes
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 Reggie Torbor - “He's not going to cut his hair, dye his hair, anything like that.”
 Reggie Torbor - “Luckily we all can play a lot of positions or we'd be in trouble right now. But we can't send the commissioner a letter and say, 'We've got some people hurt. Let us play Wednesday.' The game is going to go on.”
 Reggie Torbor - “It was one of those nights where everything seemed to go wrong.”
 Reggie Torbor - “It's stiff right now because I iced it and it's kind of hard to walk on. But it should be fine in the morning.”
 Reggie Torbor - “We have a lot of team speed, ... but a lot of times, for whatever reason, people get the perception because we're fast that we're not physical. People think the Big Ten will push the SEC around. I really don't see why anyone would think that.”
 Reggie Torbor - “I don't think anyone goes into the next game thinking about it. It's not like the Curse of the Bambino or anything.”