My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Tornetta - “We came in with a young group of kids. We wanted to challenge the younger kids. All in all, I thought they did a nice job.”
 Joe Tornetta - “Today they found a way to get it done against a team that I have a lot of respect for. We knew this was going to be a competitive game for us, where we are, and it was important for us to come out here and try and battle and get it done. And we did that.”
 Joe Tornetta - “She was tremendous today. I would hate to see what would happen if we didn't have Kelly today. She's only gotten better and better each time out.”
 Joe Tornetta - “Emily was tremendous. She is going to be an outstanding lacrosse player. She has a lot of different tools. She has real good size and her skills are getting better. She needs confidence. She has to understand her capabilities and we tell her to take advantage of what she has. She did that today. She was able to get it done and was real instrumental in the victory.”