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 Joe Torre - “This is a very proud moment for him. I'm very pleased with the year he had. He's getting more comfortable here in New York. Alex helped us win so many games, both offensively and defensively, and he continues to improve.”
 Joe Torre - “It's been a couple of days now and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. If it doesn't improve, we'll have to have somebody look at it when we get home.”
 James Detorre - “They're really crossing their fingers because disposable income is so low.”
 Joe Torre - “We had to weigh all the information, ... but we decided the defensive part of it carries the most weight, so we were sort of leaning that way.”
 Joe Torre - “Ruben has had some numbers against Lackey, but we had to weigh all of the information. We decided that the defensive part of it carried it.”
 Joe Torre - “Right now, we're just digesting all the information and hoping everyone gets through all these games without a problem. Chacon seems as relaxed as I've ever seen anybody I've ever seen in Spring Training.”
 Joe Torre - “We have a lot of information to digest.”
 Joe Torre - “Everything goes into it. It's information and feel.”
 Joe Torre - “That's the thing you dread most is the injury. It's sort of a helpless feeling.”
 Joe Torre - “He's a staff stabilizer for us. Moose is a guy who is going to be able to pitch as long as he wants to, unless there's an injury.”
 Joe Torre - “Again, it's another safety net for us. We have a little more depth now at some spots. ... It's more insurance for us than any immediate plans.”
 Joe Torre - “He's a heck of an insurance policy.”
 Joe Torre - “They're a couple of insurance policies.”
 Joe Torre - “He's as intelligent as anybody knowing and self-assured. He's very well prepared, for the managing job and for what we have the rest of the way here.”
 Greg Torre - “But we're definitely seeing an increase in interest in what we have to offer.”
 Joe Torre - “We have to put everything aside because the last thing we want to do is carry baggage from one game to the next. It's too late in the season for that.”
 Joe Torre - “His batting practice has been better. Again, it's so tough coming in here as late as he did and being thrown into the mix.”
 Joe Torre - “He doesn't beat himself. I think that's probably the thing a lot of young pitchers can learn from him. .... He becomes someone you rely on.”
 Joe Torre - “The light switch went on for him.”
 Joe Torre - “It's huge. You win the first game of the series, you want to win the series.”
 Joe Torre - “You dont look forward to facing Ortiz. I just thought the count was probably the difference. He had to throw a strike.”
 Joe Torre - “I thought the count was the difference. He had to throw a strike. Mike will go back out there tonight in that same situation. Hopefully, with better results.”
 Joe Torre - “We had a little fun with him. We called him in and he thought he was going to be cut, even though he had no options left. We just wanted to let him know how secure we felt about him.”
 Joe Torre - “I thought we were going to have a chalk outline there. You know, the last place Johnny Damon was seen.”
 Joe Torre - “I think right now we have already diluted that. They broke 60 every year. The only good part that came out of this, besides the fans were entertained, all of sudden somebody thought highly of Roger Maris.”

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