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 Joe Torre - “It looked like he had an easy time, so it doesn't surprise me. He looked very fluid, he didn't force anything and he threw a lot of strikes. He was competitive, and that was the question I had.”
 Joe Torre - “This is the time of year Bernie is used to playing.”
 Joe Torre - “Opening day is very special. We've waited a long time for this. I left for spring training about two months ago.”
 Joe Torre - “It's been an upside down time for him over the last week or so. He's not going to back away from a challenge, he just wasn't as sharp as he could have been.”
 Joe Torre - “Every time the Yankees go to spring training, you have to be thinking World Series. I don't think that's a disrespect to any other team. It's just understanding the pressure that goes with playing here.”
 Joe Torre - “He's been pretty special. Talk about arriving in a short period of time - I go out to get him in Game 4 of the ALDS at Yankee Stadium and they boo me. But he pitched so well two runs and four hits in 6 13 innings that it didn't surprise me.”
 Joe Torre - “He's been pretty special. Talk about arriving in a short period of time -- I go out to get him in Game 4 of the ALDS at Yankee Stadium and they boo me. But he pitched so well two runs and four hits in 613 innings that it didn't surprise me.”
 Joe Torre - “He was really good. I think he's champing at the bit at this point in time.”
 Joe Torre - “It's nothing unusual that pitchers and catchers from time to time have issues. It's the emotion that goes along with playing this game.”
 Joe Torre - “You mean how much money he's made me How could you not But I don't think in terms of who's in waiting because he's been here and he's been the same the whole time.”
 Joe Torre - “He's cool. He's having a good time. He just really told people a lot more with this last start than we learned since he came over from Colorado. Obviously, we needed every bit of it. Now we can reunite with Moose again because we haven't seen him in about five days.”
 Joe Torre - “I know the players were all happy for him because for a long time, he really wasn't getting it done, and they knew how hard he was working. So I'm just very pleased for him.”
 Joe Torre - “At the time, it didn't look like it was important, but it turned out to be.”
 Joe Torre - “We just want to get home, ... Not many guys have had their families with them the entire time and we want to get back.”
 Joe Torre - “It's ready-get set-go time of year. We've got to come ready to play every day on both sides of the ball, and I couldn't be more pleased by what I'm seeing.”
 Joe Torre - “You stop managing at that point in time,”
 Joe Torre - “I know one thing, Bernie is seizing the moment. He's having some quality at-bats and he seems to be in a great frame of mind. There's no question it's going to be an emotional time when that's the case, when he's not here anymore.”
 Joe Torre - “Very satisfying. Coming back in a place where we haven't been comfortable playing in this year and at this time of year, it shows you what kind of players we have.”
 Joe Torre - “We have to improve our bullpen somewhat and find someone to play center field. Teams have to change all the time to try to stay up with things and try to improve.”
 Joe Torre - “I was upset at the time,”
 Joe Torre - “It's a time of year that they're not used to being competitive. Whether it happened because of that, or the fact that it's just part of getting in shape, I don't know.”
 Joe Torre - “One accelerated bullpen session isn't as important as making sure you take your time. He's feeling so good that he's frustrated about not being able to pitch more. But we're not trying to rush him back.”
 Joe Torre - “It's fun to win one like this at Yankee Stadium any time, but Opening Day made it special.”
 Joe Torre - “It's fun to win a game like this at Yankee Stadium any time. But in the home opener, it's really special. The only way we're going to get momentum is to string some of these together.”
 Joe Torre - “There's a lot of pressure on the pitchers, and the only way you're going to get good hitters out is not to be the same with them all the time. I think the Angels have done the same kind of job on Alex. Both guys are MVPs and both guys are explosive. They can even hit a bad ball a long way.”

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