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 Joe Torre - “There's a lot of pressure on the pitchers, and the only way you're going to get good hitters out is not to be the same with them all the time, ... I think the Angels have done the same kind of job on Alex. Both guys are MVPs and both guys are explosive. They can even hit a bad ball a long way.”
 Joe Torre - “The players have a great deal of confidence right now. And they seem to be having some fun with it, even though they know it's a serious time.”
 Joe Torre - “When I was playing with the Cardinals, and Jerry Grote always had a way of aggravating people, so you go and get him, and I got him one time with my speed, I didn't get many people. I thought I was going to get him again, and you close your eyes just before you have that impact, and he was missing, I rolled halfway to the dugout. I hit nobody.”
 Joe Torre - “He's honest with us. Last time he was said he was tired. Tonight he had no complaints. He's been around long enough. He's certainly not going to try to fool anybody especially if his health is an issue.”
 Joe Torre - “You don't even know what you would call this grammatical two-step. (Fourth person First person once removed) But you hear coaches and player do it all the time. It's a subtle way for them to keep from owning up to what they think and letting us inside their heads. So a few weeks ago, instead of saying I really want to kick Boston's ass ... You're looking forward to winning games.”
 Joe Torre - “Home run hitters just get in a groove. They have a real good swing, they see the ball well, and a lot of times, the ball just seems to stop for them.”
 Joe Torre - “It's only fair to him to do that. I appreciate the fact that he hasn't used any of that as an excuse. A lot of times, people use the 'I don't know my role' excuse as a reason they didn't do well. I didn't anticipate he would.”
 Joe Torre - “It's the whole 'underdog' concept. After the Rays beat us a couple of times, sure, it was bound to help their confidence.”
 Joe Torre - “The last two times he's been lighting it up as far as his consistency and his release point.”
 Joe Torre - “I'm not banking on him for Opening Day. The fact that we have a ton of off-days, you only need four -- and at times, only three -- to start. There's no rush to have him ready Opening Day.”
 Joe Torre - “It was uncomfortable sitting in on that press conference. It must have been 10 times more uncomfortable for him. With that all behind him, I think he's going to enjoy spring training.”
 Joe Torre - “A lot of times I shake my head. I never in my wildest dreams and I'm sure George feels the same way could have envisioned my being here this long.”
 Joe Torre - “Reggie was one of those guys who knew how good he was and let people know how good he was. Some players resented that during those times.”
 Joe Torre - “It took me three times to get a 'hello' out of him the other day. But he certainly has a great deal of poise for a young pitcher.”
 Joe Torre - “Not only because of how great he was as a pitcher (which included one of the greatest seasons ever by a starter - 25-3 with a 1.74 ERA in 1978), but his makeup. Doing what he did is one thing. Doing it in New York City is another. That's a major factor in him being here. I know when I send him out to talk to a pitcher in a big situation at Yankee Stadium that he's been there many times before.”
 Joe Torre - “I think a lot of it comes from playing and how bad you want to do something sometimes, ... and letting people know it's OK to be nervous at times, or it's OK to be excited.”
 Joe Torre - “Randy was excellent. The last two times out he's been lighting it up.”
 Joe Torre - “The Yankees have 26 games left, all of them against AL East teams. Only the Red Sox, whom they play six times, are above .500. We have confidence in our abilities, ... Now it's just up to us to play well.”
 Joe Torre - “He's still young, let's not get too impatient with him. He lost his strike zone at times when he was pitching out of the stretch. He may have been too concerned with the runners. It looked like he might have been rushing, not picking up his target well enough.”
 Joe Torre - “Gordon has been terrific. He's come in the last three times with no room to breathe and has done the job for us.”
 Joe Torre - “But we only played one Game 7, and that was the one in Arizona that we lost in the last inning. To come here and play against the Red Sox and play them 26 times, and beat our rival like we did, it couldn't be more satisfying. This has to be the sweetest taste of all for me.”
 Joe Torre - “We disconnected last year and that was probably a big problem. I called him two or three times from Hawaii (last month). That's on me, I have consciously done it and I will continue to do it. If he's going to have a problem it's not going to be because we haven't talked.”
 Joe Torre - “This is the best (division title) of all of them,”
 Tyler LaTorre - “Nichols threw well enough to win today. He gave up a lot of cheap hits, but we didn't play defense behind him at all.”
 Joe Torre - “That makes it even more necessary to count on Al. Leiter was huge for us today. We need to count on guys who have been down that road before and he's one of them.”

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