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 Robert Torricelli - “I most certainly have made mistakes, ... There will be those who concluded that those mistakes bring justice to this moment because there's a price to pay. When did we become such an unforgiving people”
 Robert Torricelli - “Clearly this test the limits of constitutionality under First Amendment laws, ... I think it's very difficult to legally and constitutionally to say to third party groups that they can't spend their money the way they want to.”
 Evangelista Torricelli - “We have made many glass vessels... with tubes two cubits long. These were filled with mercury, the open end was closed with the finger, and the tubes were then inverted in a vessel where there was mercury.”
 Evangelista Torricelli - “Is it a surprise that into the vessel, in which the mercury has no inclination and no repugnance, not even the slightest, to being there, it should enter and should rise in a column high enough to make equilibrium with the weight of the external air which forces it up”
 Robert Torricelli - “The day that I was elected to the United States Senate remains among the most cherished of my life.”
 Robert Torricelli - “Ten of those Republican incumbents, all of whom voted for the impeachment of President Clinton, are from states that Bill Clinton carried.”
 Robert Torricelli - “Let's deal with each other honestly.”
 Robert Torricelli - “It's not like Massachusetts, where they're baptized Democrats.”
 Robert Torricelli - “I can't see where there is anywhere left to move. If you don't have a recount it's hard to receive any more votes.”
 Robert Torricelli - “I hate on Easter morning to talk about retribution, but there's gonna be retribution.”
 Robert Torricelli - “I will not be responsible for the loss of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate.”
 Robert Torricelli - “I will not be responsible for the loss of the Democratic majority in the United States Senate,”
 Robert Torricelli - “If you live long enough, you'll experience everything.”
 Robert Torricelli - “a Democratic Senate prevents Republicans from privatizing Social Security, so that no American has to live with doubt about their retirement.”
 Evangelista Torricelli - “Many have argued that a vacuum does not exist, others claim it exists only with difficulty in spite of the repugnance of nature I know of no one who claims it easily exists without any resistance from nature.”
 Robert Torricelli - “The certification . . . obviously changes the dynamic, ... Certification in Florida was not the end. But without some intervening legal decision, it's the beginning of the end.”
 Robert Torricelli - “Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.) shot back that Republicans were obstructing justice through their threats of impeachment. The criticism Reno has received, the threats that have been made against her and the position she holds, are the political equivalent of an obstruction of justice, ... In an ironic sort of way, members of the majority have made it almost impossible for the attorney general to actually name an independent counsel. She's been threatened with impeachment, hearings, she should be immediately replaced. If the woman names an independent counsel, it's going to appear she was intimidated. And if she doesn't, she's defending the president.”
 Robert Torricelli - “The crimes committed on September 11 were not intended for them individually, ... This is a crime against America. They were targeted because of where they live and the nationality they held just like a soldier, just like a diplomat.”
 Robert Torricelli - “There are 3.5 billion credit card solicitations sent out every year, ... That's 41 for every man, woman and child.”
 Robert Torricelli - “This is the definitive day, and if Al Gore cannot persuade the Florida Supreme Court so that both the certification and the Florida Legislature (are) on the same side of this ledger, then this battle is over.”
 Robert Torricelli - “He was willing to risk his career, friendships and relationships in an act of great courage,”
 Robert Torricelli - “Not every American will have Sen. Jeffords' opportunity to so profoundly affect the agenda of our country and the lives of so many working families, ... But every American has the opportunity to exercise moral courage and join the fight to improve our neighbors' lives and the quality of their communities.”
 Robert Torricelli - “We do not meet our responsibilities to the American people if we do not take an honest look at the federal government and all of its agencies and let the country know what went wrong.”
 Robert Torricelli - “I want Al Gore to win this election, But more than that, I want somebody to win this election. I would urge both Al Gore and George Bush to think of the country -- the continuity of government, its stability -- and avoid any collateral attacks on the process.”
 Robert Torricelli - “We actually called our bipartisan tax cut the October plan, because we believe that there's the makings here of a grand compromise, ... Face the Nation.”

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