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 John Tortorella - “I don't give a damn about the Leafs. We're not going to look over our shoulder.”
 John Tortorella - “I'd just like to get a save. It's tough. I didn't think Grahame played well. You give up four goals on 17 shots. We need the occasional save.”
 John Tortorella - “It's one of the craziest games I've ever been involved in. I've never seen so many freakish-looking goals in my life. But we found a way.”
 John Tortorella - “This was one of the craziest games I've ever been involved with. There were more fluky goals than I've ever seen in my life.”
 John Tortorella - “We need to score more goals. We had opportunities to put the puck in the net and weren't able to get the job done. I've said we're not going to beat this team 1-0 and we lost in the third period. We just have to take advantage of our chances.”
 John Tortorella - “Four goals in 16 shots. ... I'm really tired of the 25-percent rule.”
 John Tortorella - “We need an occasional save. Johnny is trying like hell but four goals in 16 shots. It's deflating.”
 John Tortorella - “You know what, 18 scoring chances to 10. We can't have expletive four goals go into our net on 10 chances. We can't. Especially the fourth goal. It can't happen. So you tell me you want me to get them to get out there and play aggressive, this that and the other thing, when expletive goals go in like that. They're going to be tentative. They're going to be tentative, and that has to stop for us to get any type of consistency here, or we're expletive done. It has to stop.”
 John Tortorella - “Think that has a little thing to do with it tonight Yeah. We can't have four goals go in our net on 10 (scoring) chances.”
 John Tortorella - “Eighteen scoring chances to 10. We can't have four goals in our net on 10 chances.”
 John Tortorella - “You can't have (expletive) four goals in our net on 10 chances. Especially the fourth goal. It can't happen.”
 John Tortorella - “Ryan Craig has shown us that he can kill penalties, and he has scored a couple of goals. He's good around the net. He's able to do the little things around the wall. He can play center. So he brings a lot of different things to us.”
 John Tortorella - “I really felt we came out hard, had a couple of good shifts score a goal and we come right back and have a couple more chances. I complain a lot about our goaltending but also we have to have the responsibility to score that second goal to keep the momentum.”
 John Tortorella - “We're good as far as our mindset, but Ottawa turned it up a notch. So we have to eat it and try to get better. There's no sense of dwelling over it.”
 John Tortorella - “First off, we're happy with the six that are playing we feel we have six really good defensemen. (But) I think we need more depth there.”
 John Tortorella - “Not good enough. Our key guys didn't produce. Bottom line.”
 John Tortorella - “The thing about it that you have to hang your hat on as a coaching staff is I know they are working hard to get out of it. It's not like they're lazy. They are still creating chances but they are just not finishing. They will. They are too good of players for this to keep hanging around. If we can keep other parts of our game together while that starts coming, then maybe you start to get some consistency.”
 John Tortorella - “That's a part of the game now. I hate it, but it's part of the game and our guys are going to have to produce.”
 John Tortorella - “He's been so much-maligned all year long but tonight his heart was as big as the building, especially in that third period he played.”
 John Tortorella - “It's deflating to see 16 shots and four of them in the net, let's call a spade a spade. He's trying like hell, (but) we need (an) occasional save.”
 John Tortorella - “He's a guy we're still making assessments on. Has he played poorly No. Has he done enough things to be a bona fide National Hockey Leaguer No. So we'll see as we go along with him.”
 John Tortorella - “It's (stinking garbage). The (stinking) guy should be playing in the (stinking) East Coast Hockey League and he takes out a (stinking) National Hockey League (player). He'll get suspended, but who (stinking) cares Everybody wants him on the (stinking) ice anyway. It's (stinking garbage).”
 John Tortorella - “This is a good hockey team. We get in, if we get in, we're going to be a dangerous hockey team.”
 John Tortorella - “I don't think we were playing that well. They're a quick, loose, young team and we were having problems generating chances, problems with their speed. Then we started to do the little things and we won a hockey game. So as much of a grind as it was, we still found a way and that's what I liked about our team tonight.”
 John Tortorella - “I'm not going to bulls--- you we're in a tough situation. We're down 3-1 to a real quality hockey team.”

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