My Favorite Quotes
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 Carlos Tosca - “We're chasing teams with quality depth. But if we stay healthy, I think it's realistic to say we'll be playing meaningful games in September.”
 Carlos Tosca - “I worried he'd hit me in the coconut, so I got into the habit of turning my back to the plate when we had runners on second and third.”
 Carlos Tosca - “I hope so. It depends on how fast it heals.”
 Carlos Tosca - “He's really the only right-handed hitter on the team I have to worry about. I'll probably be up the line a little farther, especially if there isn't anyone on base.”
 Carlos Tosca - “One night we're playing San Francisco at home and Troy pulled a ball foul, it hit me right in the butt. (Giants second baseman) Ray Durham nearly fell down he was laughing so hard. I didn't go down, didn't even rub. But man it hurt. Troy got a kick out of that.”
 Carlos Tosca - “He's a true middle-of-the-order guy.”
 Carlos Tosca - “I do miss it. I love being over there. It's a great place to see a game.”
 Carlos Tosca - “This is fun. You hear some of those stories earlier These people love baseball. They want to be around it. They want to learn about it. You can't beat that.”