My Favorite Quotes
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 John Toshack - “It has been hard for some of them, stepping up from the lower divisions where they are playing a lot more games, is tough.”
 John Toshack - “If you look at the goals he scored, including the best move of the match, it's a perfect example for any youngster to follow,”
 John Toshack - “Winning all the time is not necessarily good for the team.”
 John Toshack - “Although we lacked a little bit in quality, we did go all the way to the final whistle looking to try and get that goal. I was pleased with that.”
 John Toshack - “Mark is an experienced performer and at the moment fitness wise we don't see a problem with him,”
 John Toshack - “We don't man-mark anybody. I have never, ever done it in 27 years as a manager and I would never do it,”
 John Toshack - “It's easy to praise Ryan, he is always such an influential player and he scored two special goals. But I was delighted for David Vaughan. He is a clever, skilful player and he rarely gives the ball away. I asked him to play in an advanced role and he was outstanding all night.”
 John Toshack - “I should advise anyone coming up to the match to come early and not leave until the end, otherwise they might miss something.”
 John Toshack - “I think it's the right time for me - personally I think football management is about timing and being in the right place at the right time.”
 John Toshack - “It is a time I feel most vulnerable because of the decisions I have to make regarding the long-term future of this project. I know I have the experience to do better and I know I must do better.”
 John Toshack - “Poland are very good. We did our best but there is no doubt that by far the best side won.You would expect England to win their home games, though.”
 John Toshack - “What I'm not in the habit of doing, and I'm not going to do, is go around cap in hand pleading with players to play for their country,”
 John Toshack - “We caused quite a bit of trouble on the counter attack in our last game away from home, but unfortunately we weren't able to finish them off and take any of the half a dozen chances we created which is not normal,”