My Favorite Quotes
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 Vesa Toskala - “It was a really good game from the team. It's hard playing back-to-back. I guess if you win you're not as tired.”
 Vesa Toskala - “I thought I had him with the poke check. But he got me 5-hole.”
 Vesa Toskala - “We got 30 shots in the first two periods and I thought the other guy was unbelievable. I only faced about 10 shots so I spent most of the time watching him stand on his head. I was still ready, though.”
 Vesa Toskala - “I was screened out only on the second goal, really. The other ones that were tipped, I simply didn't have time to react....When that happens, after it hits them, you've got to hope it hits you, too.”
 Vesa Toskala - “It was a little bit of a harder game because I didn't feel the puck very much. I had a couple good saves at key times.”
 Vesa Toskala - “I think the puck was bouncing a little more for them today.”
 Vesa Toskala - “It's really nice to have this done before the games start again so we can focus on winning games when we come back. I love this place and this organization. Especially the goalie coaching I get here. Everything is perfect here.”
 Vesa Toskala - “I was expecting much more from them. I was expecting them to come hard at the beginning, but they didn't. I had to wait until the end of the second period to make some big saves. Other than that, it was a pretty easy night.”
 Vesa Toskala - “My goal is still to be a No. 1 goalie and I think it's going to happen next season (either in San Jose or elsewhere). I'm really counting on that. And I think I made the smart decision to sign with the Sharks.”
 Vesa Toskala - “Even though they had a lot of traffic in front of the net, I was able to see it. I saw the shots into my stomach so it was easy to control the rebounds.”
 Vesa Toskala - “That was a perfect road trip. We got six points from the three games, and I think it gives us lots of confidence.”
 Vesa Toskala - “I just tried to stay cool and calm. I was able to see those shots so that was a good thing.”