My Favorite Quotes
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 Francesco Totti - “Health comes first, and I don't want to risk health. I strongly want (to play in) the World Cup ... but this is a hope more than a promise. I'll go only if I'm fully recovered.”
 Francesco Totti - “My ankles are swollen because I get too many kicks from rival defenders. I can hardly play every weekend. I hope the World Cup is not at risk for me.”
 Nels Pitotti - “She was a very vivacious young lady. She was exciting to be around, was a very good student and had a beautiful smile. She had a lot of close friends.”
 Francesco Totti - “They called me a fool when I said this side could challenge for the title. Now they can think again. This is the best Roma side I've been in.”
 Francesco Totti - “We're going for the title too, there's no reason why we can't fight with Milan, Juve and Inter.”
 Francesco Totti - “It was a scandal. The truth is he (the referee) had his mind set against us - this was a desired elimination,”
 Francesco Totti - “The way things are, I'm not even training. I can only manage a bit of physiotherapy then off we go with the next game. I'm a little worried that I won't make it to the World Cup.”
 Nels Pitotti - “The whole family is really respected and just a pleasure to be around.”
 Francesco Totti - “I won't leave Roma. I am happy here and I have a contract until the end of 2006.”
 Nels Pitotti - “The homework we give is not busy work. It might be preparation for the next day's lesson, practice that day's lesson, or it might be to research beyond the textbook or it might be to study for exams.”