My Favorite Quotes
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 David Toung - “I don't think it will prevent it (PC prices falling), but diversification will give them (CompUSA) a stronger market share.”
 David Toung - “There's some pretty severe price deflation now, and I don't think anyone in the industry is immune to that.”
 David Toung - “There is a seasonal cyclicality to that. The March quarter isn't going to be as high as the December quarter. Customers have to do some digestion, and by time Dec. 31 rolls around I'm fairly confident they'll exceed 1999.”
 David Toung - “People sometimes take a very short-term view of things.”
 David Toung - “They all had pretty good numbers this quarter. It's very simple people have money. Jobs and the economy are doing well.”
 David Toung - “Even though CompUSA is number one and Computer City is number four, it still is such a highly fragmented market that they would not be able to control prices.”