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 Allan Bristow - “Lonny is a proven NBA player who will be able to give us an inside presence and help fill the void left by our numerous injuries.”
 Dave Bristow - “We're hoping that somebody out there knows something and will give it up. This is definitely something where the public could be of help.”
 Allan Bristow - “Lonny is a proven NBA player who will be able to give us an inside presence and help fill the void left by our numerous injuries,”
 Andy Zantow - “We need one of our keys to be possession. Jon gives us some quickness up front. He's very elusive and he's a good dodger.”
 Andy Zantow - “He's our best on-the-ball defender. He's our best defender, period. He's quick and strong and really good at taking charge.”
 Andy Zantow - “He's improved a lot from last year. His offensive skills and his stick skills are better and I'm looking for a good year from him.”
 Gene Bartow - “I think Rod had some good players in there, and Andy will get some good players in there also. I think they will be competitive quickly.”
 Andrew Fastow - “You really can't hear me Feel free to ask your client I do have a hearing problem.”
 Alexis Etow - “Had we played to our potential, I think we would have had a very decent shot of advancing all the way to the NCAA finals. The talent and more importantly, heart, on this team is immense.”
 Judd Apatow - “It just frees you to be more honest.”
 Robert Bristow - “I hope they take this sour taste that's in their mouths and try to work it out this summer.”
 Andrew Fastow - “Certain things I did as general partner of LJM were illegal.”
 Robert Bristow - “It's nice to get this win. This secures us a seed in state. We're going to try to improve on things we already do.”
 Dave Bristow - “We're obviously working it hard. But we were hoping to get some more information from people who may have seen something. So far, that hasn't happened.”
 Coy Tow - “He is someone who has earned the right to be president. He also teaches those seminars. He's a great guy with solid leadership skills.”
 Dave Bristow - “If convicted, he may be looking at life.”
 Andrew Fastow - “I was extremely greedy and lost my moral compass.”
 Jacque Bartow - “Floor was awesome. We were really clean. Overall, I thought it was a really good meet for us.”
 Judd Apatow - “The idea makes you laugh, and you're instantly sympathetic. We've all lived through that moment where we had sex for the first time. You're terrified, so the idea of a guy so scared he let it get past him is relatable to us.”
 Robert Bristow - “We're going to approach it the same way we did last time. The whole difference to start this season was we started out sluggish. Now we've been playing real smart, real aggressive. If we continue to do that, we'll have success.”
 Dave Bristow - “This time he was unresponsive and was transported to Manatee Memorial Hospital.”
 Dave Bristow - “From time to time we do these investigations and try to battle prostitution on 14th Street and in some of these lingerie shops, but the problem is, there's unfortunately a demand for it. It's an ongoing problem.”
 Dave Bristow - “We think it (the homicide) happened (Thursday) afternoon, some time leading up to time we got there.”
 Dave Bristow - “He's not saying anything, or offering any explanation. The victim usually provides us with something.”
 Dave Bristow - “You would think the last victim of a burglary would be a marked unit. It shows audacity to do something like this. Audacity or stupidity, I'm not sure which.”

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