My Favorite Quotes
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 Joseph Stowell - “God has marvelous ways of taking our worst tragedies and turning them into His most glorious triumphs.”
 Joe Stowell - “And when he is telling a serious story, you can hear a pin drop. It's is the same thing as going to a movie theater. You go to a movie theater and everyone laughs at the jokes and people cry at the right time.”
 Joe Stowell - “We all used to go down to watch Chuck Thome hit the ball. Then, around 1940, his son Art turned into quite a hitter at Manual High School in the days when my brother Jim used to play against him for Central. And not far behind him was Chuck Jr.”
 Joseph Stowell - “Communication is a two-way street. And while we revel in the reality that we can always get through to heaven, our concern should be whether our Lord can always get through to us.”
 Joseph Stowell - “Being part of an agenda beyond ourselves liberates us to complement each other rather than compete with each other.”
 Joseph Stowell - “As we mature spiritually, we exhibit a growing capacity to care for and appreciate one another in the body of Christ, regardless of our differences.”
 Joe Stowell - “Tommy Les was one of the most determined basketball players I've ever been around. He was sort of like a basketball version of Pete Rose, only I think Pete Rose had a better jump shot. But Tom was the sort of player that you were going to have to carry off the court before you were going to beat him.”
 Irene Towell - “The only way we could fund a program as big as this one is if we end up, at the end of the year, with that much money left over, which honestly, with all of the animals we have, we're never going to get there.”
 Irene Towell - “All the money will be used to help animals right here in Port Alberni, it will be used for medical expenses and general costs of the shelter to help local animals.”
 Lord Stowell - “What constitutes a state ...... . Men who their duties know, But know their rights, and knowing, dare maintain. ...... . And sovereign law, that state's collected will, O'er thrones and globes elate, Sits empress, crowning good, repressing ill.”
 Lord Stowell - “The elegant simplicity of the three per cents.”
 Lord Stowell - “On parent knees, a naked new-born child, Weeping thou sat'st while all around thee smiled So live, that sinking in thy last long sleep, Calm thou mayst smile, while all around thee weep.”
 Lord Stowell - “Seven hours to law, to soothing slumber seven, Ten to the world allot, and all to heaven.”
 Lord Stowell - “A dinner lubricates business.”
 William Scott, Lord Stowell - “Go boldly forth, my simple lay, Whose accents flow with artless ease, Like orient pearls at random strung.”