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 Chris Towne - “I have always felt that the occupation of Palestine is an American issue, because we give Israel something like 6 billion a year from our tax money.”
 Gary Towne - “He had a solid race. He always does this. He's good at bringing his very best late in the season.”
 Robert Towne - “You're dumber than you think I think you are.”
 Robert Towne - “If you have a good ear for dialogue, you just can't help thinking about the way people talk. You're drawn to it. And the obsessive interest in it forces you to develop it. You almost can't help yourself.”
 Robert Towne - “Finally, Colin Farrell showed up on my doorstep, only he wasn't Colin Farrell - he was just this Irish kid who had read the script and wanted to do it.”
 Robert Towne - “Colin, Salma, me - none of us took salaries in order to make this movie, in order to get it on film. So it was a movie made on spec.”
 Robert Towne - “And I think one way or another it's evident to those who work with me that as a writer, a director, a friend, as somebody's there that's very anxious to get the movie made.”
 Robert Towne - “I'm excited and encouraged to see people getting involved with their public lands and forests. We really need the public's help to repair these heavily used recreation sites.”
 Robert Towne - “But time has caught up with it and I think vindicated it. Shampoo, too very dark, very ambitious movie.”
 Robert Towne - “Roman is hands-down the best director I've ever worked with, ... But all of the 1970s was a great era because the studios really left you alone. What has come to be called 'independent film,' you could really do within the studio system at that time.”
 Robert Towne - “Of course I'm respectable. I'm old. Politicians, ugly buildings, and whores all get respectable if they last long enough.”
 Chris Towne - “The worst thing about leaving is knowing I can leave this stuff. I will never understand what it is like to be a Palestinian.”
 David Towne - “It was like having a World Series winner in your town.”
 Gary Towne - “He somehow just made a wrong turn. And as soon as he did, the pack just kept following him.”
 Chris Towne - “We must realize that companies such as Caterpillar are profiting from oppression.”
 Robert Towne - “People who can't think of anything else but whether the person you love is indented or convex should be doomed not to think of anything else but that, and so miss the other ninety-five percent of life.”
 Robert Towne - “But in the end we were guided by my memory of the place.”
 Chris Towne - “I have not heard much support for the two-state solution. Most of the Palestinians I have asked wish that they could live in a single, democratic state with equal rights for Jews and non-Jews.”
 Robert Towne - “I think that those are the things that you can uniquely do with film that are difficult to do anywhere else they can bring a picture to life, give it a natural and historical context and make you feel that everything else is suddenly credible.”
 Robert Towne - “I started doing it and I couldn't stop. It really tired the patience of the people around me.”
 Robert Towne - “One of the reasons for going back into the past is that it's almost the only place that there's any drama.”
 Gary Towne - “Without a doubt, this is the best team we have ever fielded at Chico State. On any given day we have a shot at winning the national title.”
 Robert Towne - “Now they're attracted to one another, but repelled by their ethnic origins, so that there was something to overcome. They had to overcome their own prejudices, which had been imposed by the culture - their own shame at being Mexican and Italian.”
 Robert Towne - “There was no scene between father and son, and there was a deep-seated need for the two protagonists in the story to face each other with the consequences of what had happened. Now he was able to express to his son that his whole life had been a struggle to prevent this very thing from happening.”
 Gary Towne - “We've gotten so good we wouldn't be able to attract any competition. Our top kids will only race six times because each race takes a toll on their bodies.”

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