My Favorite Quotes
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 Alana Towns - “The end of our line-up is starting to step up and hit, which helps us win ball games. Different girls were stepping up in different situations with a big hit or big plays which kept the intensity high.”
 Alana Towns - “I think we will improve, especially toward the end of the season, and pick up right where we left off.”
 Steven Towns - “It's very surprising to see the players who just don't know their history. Until we really realize and understand our history, we're never really going to progress and appreciate the gains we've had. I think a lot of the players now just take a lot of this stuff for granted.”
 Alana Towns - “Coach (Rachel Lawson) wants us to take all of the intensity we had at the beginning of the season when we were beating quality teams and carry that into conference play.”
 Steven Towns - “He's sitting around here someplace smiling, just thrilled to death about the progress the league has made as far as with the assistant coaches, head coaches, coordinators, players. I think the next thing on his list would be, 'Hey, when are we going to get an owner' Knowing him, that's what he would say.”
 Alana Towns - “We ended last year with Lafayette, and we hope to get there again. We are capable of beating anyone we play. It's about coming out there to win and doing it.”