My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Trachsel - “I, honest to God, do not know a thing. I have zero understanding of the rules. All I know is that my rehab is over.”
 Steve Trachsel - “He looked like Barry. He's just the fourth guy in their lineup, just as dangerous as a lot of other fourth guys. You don't focus too much on him, or the other eight guys are going to kill you.”
 Steve Trachsel - “Yeah, Pedro drilled me my first time up with an 0-2 pitch. But I got that double.”
 Steve Trachsel - “This was better than the last time I was here. ... It's just a reminder of how quickly I came back. And this is the best I've felt this spring.”
 Steve Trachsel - “It happens to a lot of guys. A lot of times New York can be overwhelming, and I've seen a lot of guys, first year they struggle, and second year they kind of take off.”
 Steve Trachsel - “I felt just as good as I did a few days ago, but my location was better today.”
 Steve Trachsel - “I'd just like to know, so I can prepare. Other than the numbers today, I felt great, so pretty much I'm ready to go.”
 Steve Trachsel - “This start was a lot better than my last start here. Today is the best I've felt.”
 Steve Trachsel - “It wasn't like I was trying to challenge him or anything, I was just trying to pitch to him. I was more worried about Moises Alou from past experiences. Moises is a guy I've had trouble with. They're both dangerous.”
 Steve Trachsel - “I was more worried about Moises Alou, personally, just because of past experience. Moises for me is a guy I've had a lot of trouble with, and I think I've faced him a lot more as well. They are both dangerous, but I think Alou has done a lot more damage against me.”
 Steve Trachsel - “Most of us here wish we had his stuff. He just has to keep his head up and trust his stuff and things will start turning around.”
 Steve Trachsel - “Who is going to cooperate if they go public You want to help us out and incriminate yourself And then (MLB will) tell the world you cheated”
 Steve Trachsel - “I think he's just hoping to get an opportunity. It didn't seem like he ever got a real solid chance in San Diego to show what he can do. I think that's what he's looking forward to most.”
 Steve Trachsel - “We've been to a number of spring trainings together and I've had a chance to watch him progress as a hitter, as a catcher, as a first baseman. He's going to help this team for a lot of years. He really wants to learn and do things the right way.”
 Steve Trachsel - “It was a mistake. I meant to throw it low and outside and I let it get up. A lot of guys would hit that out.”
 Steve Trachsel - “It was a fastball down. No pitch is ever exactly where you want it, but that one wasn't belt high, right down the middle. It's not just Chipper. It's all those guys. You can never relax against them.”
 Steve Trachsel - “Most of us around here would love to throw with the stuff he's got. The main thing is to keep his confidence going and for him to trust his stuff.”
 Steve Trachsel - “In the American League, you're basically sitting and watching between innings. That style, I didn't really care for.”
 Steve Trachsel - “I feel good. My curveball's the last thing to come around, but my fastball and changeup are where they should be. I'm pretty much ready for business.”