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 Alan Trammell - “We haven't had too many of these games lately. Carlos comes out right from the get-go with a home run, and it seemed to kind of snowball from there.”
 Alan Trammell - “Down the stretch, we've been struggling with our pitching staff, but he's taken the ball. He's been our best pitcher down the stretch when things have been tough. It means a lot, it really does. He continues to go out there like he did in 2003, no excuses, just give me the ball.”
 Alan Trammell - “You give them a little avenue, ... and you saw what happened.”
 Alan Trammell - “A lot of things aren't going our way. You score that many runs in the first inning and then give up six, it's depleting and it takes its toll on you.”
 Alan Trammell - “We still have 26 games to go. I refuse to give in.”
 Alan Trammell - “Having Marcus would give me another option.”
 Alan Trammell - “I just wish that he would have went home. Didn't want to give up a run that way.”
 Alan Trammell - “This is exactly what the Detroit Tigers need. He's what I call a good ballplayer who does a little bit of everything.”
 Alan Trammell - “He started in Double-A and made it to Triple-A, which is a good sign,”
 Alan Trammell - “He had a cramp and just couldn't get rid of it. He was in the dugout later in the game, so that was a good sign.”
 Alan Trammell - “(Grilli) did an outstanding job. I couldn't be happier. I'm sure he's very happy. He did a great job tonight. He had a good curveball tonight. Normally when he's pitching well, it's working for him. He threw it for strikes.”
 Alan Trammell - “Kotsay doesn't have that great foot speed, but he's quick. He's just quick to the ball instinctively. That's like Granderson. And Granderson is faster than Kotsay in foot speed. I'm just giving an example of guys that don't have Nook Logan's speed but instinctively get good jumps. Curtis Granderson does that.”
 Alan Trammell - “It wasn't pretty. We're a little beat up right now, and I for one don't like the way this is going. I hate it.”
 Alan Trammell - “If I leave, I leave with my head high, ... I know in my own mind we're making some headway, I believe that.”
 Alan Trammell - “The runner has to keep his head up in that situation.”
 Alan Trammell - “He has ties with the Tigers. He was there when I signed. Whether I'm there or not, I'll always be a Tiger, and I'll always root for the Tigers, because I'm a part of their history, and I'm proud of that.”
 Alan Trammell - “I know it didn't look good when it happened, but it's hard to say how long it's going to be. I feel for Rondell because he's had a history of injuries, and he's a great guy.”
 Alan Trammell - “We've said it before, when Carlos Pena hits a home run -- wow That might be the furthest ball ever hit in this ballpark. He's been a different player since we brought him up six weeks ago. He's a better player.”
 Alan Trammell - “I'm sure we'll discuss quite a few things, to be honest with you.”
 Alan Trammell - “You would like to hold them off as long as possible and to be honest, we did that. Congratulations to the White Sox. They've had a heck of a year.”
 Alan Trammell - “Losing gets old. It's just been a heck of a month, to be honest with you.”
 Alan Trammell - “I don't know if anyone will ever have to go through what I did my first year. I hope not.”
 Alan Trammell - “The guy has definitely done everything in his power. I just wish we could've gotten him that win. Nevertheless, he's done a very nice job for us. That's the point I hope gets across. This guy, like others, probably deserves better.”
 Alan Trammell - “The first three innings were the key. We had a lot of opportunities, but we didn't score. That came back to hurt us.”
 Alan Trammell - “Rock is a super individual.”

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