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 Mike Trapasso - “Landon knows his role and knows he is our catcher of the future. He is a confident kid. He has done a very good job as a freshman.”
 Mike Trapasso - “That's why I told our guys be happy, but don't be satisfied. We showed we have plenty of things we need to improve on.”
 Mike Trapasso - “We needed Rich to throw that fastball down in the zone better when we have a lead like that late in the game.”
 Mike Trapasso - “I thought Steven was a little empty. He was at 106 pitches and Frost was getting good swings off of him. Steven was getting a little tired and we had all the faith in Rich to get the job done.”
 Mike Trapasso - “Ian Harrington will start one game. After that, it is TBA. I haven't thought about it yet.”
 Mike Trapasso - “I thought it was his best outing all year. He has his slider back and he hadn't had it for weeks. That made all the difference in the world for him.”
 Mike Trapasso - “In most of his innings, he had a hard time getting his curve over for strikes. There were couple innings when his changeup left him as well. You'll give up some hits if you're throwing only one pitch for strikes. But the one thing you'll get from him is a battle.”
 Mike Trapasso - “From this point on, and you can talk about taking one game at a time, but you can't hide from the fact that every weekend game we play carries added significance because they are league games. If we keep doing what we have been doing, we'll be OK.”
 Mike Trapasso - “I never like calling a game before the scheduled game time, but this was about as heavy a rain as I've seen here. We checked with the weatherman and Doppler radar and we would have needed 3 or 4 hours of sunlight for the field to be ready.”
 Mike Trapasso - “We played just well enough to get beat. We gave up crooked numbers in two innings. We just didn't get it done today.”
 Mike Trapasso - “Fish didn't have anything from the start, but it was the right move. If the same situation happens tomorrow, I'll do it again.”
 Mike Trapasso - “Just tip your hat to those guys (and) come out and try to win again tomorrow.”
 Mike Trapasso - “I told them you have to keep an even keel. Let's go out and win tomorrow. We've got a lot more games left.”
 Mike Trapasso - “While it's nice to get some national recognition, all that really recognizes is that we got off to a good start our first 14 games and nothing more. Our guys understand that. They're not going to be all that fired up about it.”
 Mike Trapasso - “We are fortunate to have the return trip to Louisiana. It's not ideal, but it's better to play in sunny, dry weather rather than playing on the sponge we have.”
 Mike Trapasso - “I feel bad for (Landon) because he doesn't get the at-bats that he would've gotten. Outside of that, I don't worry about Harrington or any of our pitching.”
 Mike Trapasso - “Este just takes a while to get going. We've seen that for two years now. He is a streak guy, but his streaks are long. He is really swinging the bat well now.”
 Mike Trapasso - “We were hitting balls right on the nose early on. It was those instances where you hit 'em right at guys. When you keep hitting balls as hard as we were, it's just a matter of time before they start falling (for hits).”
 Mike Trapasso - “I probably should have taken Steven out with Jones up there, but you try to get one more out with your best pitcher. That was my mistake.”
 Mike Trapasso - “We had the mercy rule in effect for nine-inning games the whole series. Five games in four days, if either team's up by 10, why waste pitching for the next couple innings.”
 Mike Trapasso - “We didn't make the pitches. We didn't make the plays and we didn't execute at the end. We had one outburst and that was great, but we just didn't get it done.”
 Mike Trapasso - “We will use as many players as possible. It is fun to play this game, especially with so many new guys. We need a dress rehearsal to make sure everyone knows the game-day routine.”
 Mike Trapasso - “That's the one fortunate thing. We're playing at their place and we're able to make it up.”
 Mike Trapasso - “When it comes to the finances of the budget that I'm given, and if I don't adhere to it, we make sure we have the resources to fundraising efforts to make up for any overages that may occur.”
 Mike Trapasso - “He just didn't make good pitches, plain and simple.”

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