My Favorite Quotes
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 Giovanni Trapattoni - “He has a light leg injury, nothing serious. I think he'll be all right in 24-48 hours.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “I thought that we would be challenging at the top, but now we need to see what we can get out of this season.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “He scored a great goal. I thought he deserved another. He's young and has plenty of room for improvement.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “I know how teams work. I've been doing this for 30 years.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “We had that little bit of luck we have been missing all season.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “That's the only way he knows how to play.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “The team needs a few matches to learn to play together. It's completely normal that the team and the new coach have to get used to each other.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “We have to stop thinking about Sweden-Denmark. I'm sure they will play normally and honestly.”
 Giovanni Trapattoni - “I always say that in addition to being a coach, I'm also a priest. I go to each player's room and say who is playing and who isn't. I talk and explain. It's a little like confession.”