My Favorite Quotes
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 Buddy Trask - “The third quarter was the difference in the game. Because of foul trouble we weren't able to use our man-to-man press, but did in the third quarter which got us off and running. Raymond had a great game with nine assists and seven steals to go with his 18 points.”
 Pat Trask - “I'm outraged that a genetically engineered alfalfa will contaminate the South Dakota alfalfa seed that has been developed over generations. Bees pollinate alfalfa, and we know that bees can forage for miles. The introduction of genetically engineered alfalfa practically guarantees that there will be no genetically engineered-free seed in a matter of a few years.”
 Buddy Trask - “We had a good night on offense. We moved the ball well and hit the open people.”
 Buddy Trask - “We were at the rim, and didn't have to rely on outside shooting and we made the big plays when we had to make them. We always want to make it interesting though.”
 Buddy Trask - “We played a sloppy first quarter and allowed some easy baskets. In the second quarter we tightened up our defense and didn't allow them to score until late in the quarter.”
 Pat Trask - “The way this spreads so far and wide, it will eliminate the conventional alfalfa industry. Monsanto will own the entire alfalfa industry.”
 Pat Trask - “It's the desire of Monsanto to pursue global control and total control over the American alfalfa seed industry.”
 Amy Trask - “We encourage our fans to root responsibly and conduct themselves appropriately at all games, not just on New Year's Eve.”
 Pat Trask - “Our belief is that there seems to be an increasingly frequent systemic lack of objectivity in a lot of the regulatory decisions that are flowing from USDA.”