My Favorite Quotes
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 Keith Traylor - “In New England, Belichick had established players, guys who knew him. He can just give you that look, and you'll straighten up.”
 Keith Traylor - “If you're going to go fourth down on the goal line, you better bring it. I'm not trying to show up nobody, but that's the way you've got to think as a D-lineman. You don't want to give up anything down there.”
 Keith Traylor - “What I say goes in one ear and out the other, ... That pretty much tells me to go to hell.”
 Keith Traylor - “I'm like, Man, I played there for six years,' ... Broncos coach Mike Shanahan has no respect for me.”
 Keith Traylor - “That's what they brought me in here for, to be a plug. Go in, take up two blockers and let Zach make some plays. I take pride in that.”
 Jeff Traylor - “Actually, that works out better for Curtis. He's a defensive guy. I had to make Curtis play offense. Curtis is a real physical kid. He wants to hit people. That's what he loves to do.”
 Elgin Traylor - “I look around and think of all the people and things I won't be seeing anymore and it kind of makes me sad, but sometimes you need to make a change.”
 Jeff Traylor - “It could be anyone from California, to Kansas City, to Florida.”
 Elgin Traylor - “I've had the most fun with basketball tournaments, auto racing and the football season, but you can't forget Maine hockey.”
 Keith Traylor - “Saban -- we're rebuilding, so he's got to get people's attention a little different than Bill Belichick,”
 Jeff Traylor - “I thought long and hard about that. Why am I in the business I'm in the business to coach kids. All kids. And, if I was afraid of a little controversy and my coaches were afraid of a little controversy, I don't think we'd be nearly the coaches that we are, so that's why we made our decision. He chose us. We didn't choose him. He decided to come to Gilmer and we're going to coach him just like we would coach any other kid.”