My Favorite Quotes
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 Holly Treat - “That was a good looking shot, but Robyn Carter did a fantastic job of putting pressure on her. She didn't have many looks in the game.”
 Sharon Treat - “Maybe this is one way to move the federal government. It's a ridiculous way to be addressing the problem to go state by state, receiving threats from the government saying it's illegal, and yet states are doing it anyway. It just shows how desperate they are to come up with anything to reduce drug prices for their citizens.”
 Holly Treat - “They killed us on the boards with to many second opportunities. That hurt us down the stretch.”
 Sharon Treat - “And the incentives are completely wrong. It makes no sense to have multiple programs, and there is no provision for negotiating prices with the companies. Anyone who looked at the law as it was being passed knew that it was wrong, and now what we predicted is happening.”
 Sharon Treat - “The overall trend for many years now is that drug prices go up substantially more than the rate of inflation, and that continues to be the case. Even though it's up less than in the previous quarter, it is still a substantial increase, and this is added on to increases from previous quarters.”
 Sharon Treat - “On a drug-by-drug basis, someone could save well over 1,000 a year. For someone who is not covered by the soon-to-be-rolled out Medicare program and isn't elderly and doesn't have any coverage, 1,000 is huge. It explains why some people are doing this. It explains why at least 22 states this year looked at legislation addressing importation.”
 Sharon Treat - “The idea is to set up several programs and let the consumer choose, ... But the problem is that a competitive model isn't good for everyone.”
 Sharon Treat - “This plan works for those on the lowest end of the income spread, ... But for most people, the way it's set up, the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are going to make a killing.”
 Sharon Treat - “Under this plan, the state will end up folding its own programs, such as Medicaid, into the federal one, ... That means they'll be charged for Medicaid costs anyway. The state may end up paying more for less.”
 Sharon Treat - “Unless we take significant steps to address that, it's going to continue to be the problem. States have attempted to address this, but are somewhat constrained in what they're allowed to do. It raises the question of why Congress is not taking steps to amend this. As long as Congress doesn't act, I think you're going to see states be as creative as they can in doing something themselves.”
 Sharon Treat - “Ultimately, we do have to fix the whole health care system in this country. But we don't have to wait for that to happen to get drug prices under control. We can do that now if the government would do the negotiating instead of turning over that job to private companies.”
 Holly Treat - “I really think we are getting better. We're taking better shots and not rushing things. I really believe if we do our part like we are capable, then we can be right back in the middle of things.”