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 Jeremy Crabtree - “To win games in the Big Ten, you have to have quality offensive linemen. These linemen are an upgrade of what they've done in the past. From the returns, it's looking like they hit their target.”
 Sam Castree - “They were all very strong candidates. They all had strengths that were appealing and any one of them could do a good job for us.”
 Anthony Crabtree - “We have so many players going both ways we don't have as much depth. Gallatin is a good team.”
 Rose Rosetree - “It's through her heart that all her empathic gifts are activated.”
 Rose Rosetree - “They indicate a real talent for noticing what's going on around her. And she does it with her heart. She cares about other people deeply and connects with her heart.”
 Rose Rosetree - “She is a talker and a thinker more than a singer or performer. And she has an unusually strong sense of humor.”
 Rose Rosetree - “That means he's got a lot of humility, and the kind of sense of humor that charms people.”
 Rose Rosetree - “In his career, he's cautiously or guardedly optimistic when he does new things. He's not a pie-in-the-sky idealist. He's one of the most realistic assessors of what's really going on that you'll meet.”
 Rose Rosetree - “There's skin around the lip that's kind of a natural lip liner. This is about a gift for communicating information about how people feel, including emotions, including sexuality. It shows that they have very high standards. The downside is that each can be his own harshest critic.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “It should be interesting to see how he does. He was a guy who had a very good reputation. He could close. If you knew it was down to him and somebody else, odds are he was going to land the kid.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “(Wright's) reputation is stellar. He emerged late as a senior and moved up the charts.”
 Dave Rowntree - “You know, it's really useful on tour to have episodic things going on, especially things that make you laugh. Cartoon's definitely fit the bill.”
 Dave Rowntree - “When we came off the tour for the last album, we started on this one. We've just been chipping away at it. We're not in that much of a hurry, because when we release a Blur album, that's a three year promotion and touring cycle.”
 Dave Rowntree - “Well, we certainly weren't making a cartoon show for kids. It was a completely different kind of idea.”
 Dave Rowntree - “There are obviously legal restrictions on what you can do on TV in the States, as there are everywhere.”
 Dave Rowntree - “The days when you needed amazing Silicon Graphics machines to run animation software are gone now.”
 Dave Rowntree - “Over the course of those 12 episodes we discarded what didn't work and kept what did and that refined it.”
 Dave Rowntree - “It evolved out of the idea to make a kids TV show. And it actually turned out to be a bit dull and a bit regulated and too many people looking over your shoulder and it wasn't really.”
 Dave Rowntree - “I think I would much rather push the boundaries of the degradation that the characters face.”
 Dave Rowntree - “Empire Square production finishes in about a month's time, so at the moment, right now, I'm just completely full on Empire Square. There's no time to do anything else. But there's a few things on the back burner, including another Blur album before too long.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “I still think we're seeing some major kids who go out of state, but you're getting different types of programs each year that are getting those players. When the Big 8 merged into the Big 12, it opened up a whole new avenue of recruits to look at the northern schools. Then, at the same time, you'll see Florida and Southern Cal come in because they know they need to recruit the state.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “When you look back, this might be the worst class he ever signed because he didn't have a lot of time to recruit. But if you think about what he did at Nebraska and the quality players he recruited, he should do well for Buffalo. Florida didn't do as well under Urban Meyer in his first year and neither did Notre Dame with Charlie Weis. It's usually that second class where you see results.”
 Dave Rowntree - “The new technology could be in place tomorrow if we were starting from scratch but there's so much money invested in old-style IP and TCP networks.”
 Herbert Tree - “Never say a humorous thing to a man who does not possess humor. He will always use it in evidence against you.”
 Herbert Tree - “People are too apt to treat God as if he were a minor royalty”

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