My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Trembley - “He did well. The game could have got out of hand. When he struck out Bannon and Jorgensen, that proved to be the difference in the game.”
 Dave Trembley - “I thought he had a nice, loose arm. He pitched down in the strike zone with his fastball. Like I've said, he's something to work with.”
 Dave Trembley - “It been awhile since the last time John has pitched, so I would expect John to pitch a whole lot better his next time out.”
 Dave Trembley - “I sure wish we could have got the win for (starter Dave) Borkowski (yesterday), just like I wish we could have got the win for (Tony) Fiore (Saturday). Both those guys have been very reliable for us from the standpoint that they haven't missed a start and they've given us a lot of quality starts.”
 Dave Trembley - “Overall, getting out of the gate with good starting pitching like we've gotten ... we've seen some really good performances out of some people.”
 Dave Trembley - “All in all, I'm proud of the way the guys played. The guys played hard all the time, and I think they appreciated the opportunity that they had.”
 Dave Trembley - “I really didn't expect a whole lot of offense at 930 in the morning from either side.”
 Dave Trembley - “We just didn't make very good pitches in key situations. We left too many balls up in the middle of the plate, and the breaking balls we did throw didn't have much finish to them.”
 Dave Trembley - “It's not pleasant for anybody to play in this weather, but you've got to do what you've got to do. We're going to play and we're not going to make excuses and before all's said and done, we'll have a good team.”
 Dave Trembley - “The whole club needs an opportunity to play five or six days in a row, get their feet settled a little bit. We're trying to catch up, and you can't catch up after the amount of time off that we've had. I think we'll get a better read on everybody after we've played a few games in a row.”