My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Trenberth - “The key point is that global warming is not the whole story, but it's a big player. Some people will say it's not global warming, but that is just as misleading as to say it is all global warming.”
 Kevin Trenberth - “There are mitigation programs, like opening up supermarkets and malls and giving people access to cooler conditions if the circumstances arose again.”
 Kevin Trenberth - “By several measures, this will end up being the most active storm season on record, it's not just number but also how intense they are.”
 Kevin Trenberth - “The fact that this meeting is happening is an indication that they see some gaps and needs that need to be addressed. One of those gaps is between the hurricane researchers and the climate community.”
 Kevin Trenberth - “There's good evidence to show that Category 4 and 5 storms indeed are becoming more common and a bigger part of the overall pictures of the hurricanes in the world.”
 Kevin Trenberth - “Global warming is remorselessly going on. This is something that when you take action, the benefits take place in 50 years and beyond. It is not something you can stop.”