My Favorite Quotes
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 Marc Trestman - “It did surprise me to hear that. I really thought and still think he could be developed into a very good quarterback. When I went to see Nick at the end of the year, I told him the same thing.”
 Marc Trestman - “We will take some shots. I don't have a problem calling deep throws with Davis. We've got guys who can run.”
 Marc Trestman - “It's obvious the guys did a lot of work. And Jay is out there just living his dream, playing quarterback at a Division I-A college.”
 Marc Trestman - “Through the first six weeks of the season, Jay (Davis) was getting all the work, so (Stone) really had his training camp during the last five games.”
 Marc Trestman - “He was serious about his business he was into football completely.”
 Marc Trestman - “He has the greatest understanding of the offense. He's got excellent hands, and he's got great running ability as well.”
 Marc Trestman - “You can see he is extremely athletic. He's a smart kid, he moves around well, and he's got some raw ability.”