My Favorite Quotes
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 Gloria Trevi - “If you . . . have cried because some vile person has harmed you, there's a closeness that's much more intimate than that of the fan and the superstar artist. We've cried together for the same pains of the heart.”
 Gloria Trevi - “It really surprised me that ... Mexican justice can recognize when there is no reason to convict somebody, and you've got to have balls to do that,”
 Gloria Trevi - “I was in love once, and it was terrible.”
 Gloria Trevi - “I forgot my pills, I couldn't have cared less about condoms, all for feverishly wanting to get some”
 Gloria Trevi - “Before I went through that situation, and during the time I was in there, I know there were people who were crying with me, people who identified with (my songs). They cried because they knew that what I was going through was unjust.”
 Gloria Trevi - “I don't know much about modern art, but I guess I am modern art.”
 Gloria Trevi - “A lot of people thought this dream must be madness, but we are not crazy.”
 Gloria Trevi - “My life would be in danger if I return to Mexico.”
 Gloria Trevi - “Who is more in touch with the problems of this country One of those guys who goes off to Oxford or to University of Yale, or someone who has lived in buses, in the Metro, in the street”
 Gloria Trevi - “Even my record company, who earned millions of dollars with me, abandoned me. They took my records out of the stores. The gay community continued singing my songs. The transvestites continued imitating me. Against all odds, I love them. . . . They support me and take care of me.”
 Gloria Trevi - “We are all overjoyed, ... The baby is healthy and beautiful.”