My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Trewick - “He just played great. He really is a good shooter and showed some range tonight.”
 Mike Trewick - “It's like playing your dad one-on-one. You spend so much time trying to beat him, and when you finally do, you almost feel bad. Jim meant so much to me, I would not be here if not for him.”
 Mike Trewick - “Our kids need to just start being selfish in the off- season, meaning that they need to be committed to becoming better every day. Next season starts right now.”
 Mike Trewick - “We knew they were eventually going to (make a run). They're too good a team not to. When they did, we just didn't quite respond.”
 Mike Trewick - “Our game plan is to work from the inside out. We want to get inside and then when that starts to get taken away we can kick that ball out to our 3-point shooters.”